You’ll never be ‘board’ this holiday with Ravensburger!

Two weeks ago we got to take the kids to the Ravensburger activation at our local ToyZone and boy oh boy did they have a blast (Oli especially)! Oli is at the perfect age right now for board games as they can hold his attention long enough and he can grasp the concepts and understands the instructions.

Ravensburger are best known across the globe for their fantastic puzzles and board games, and can be found in various ToyZone stores and on in South Africa.

We were given four games to try out, and what better timing than the long December holiday and the rainy spell we’re in for after the relentless heatwave we’ve had in Johannesburg! We love board games, more so as the kids are getting older, and have been trying to encourage more mindful activities than can keep their little minds active outside of their usual school routine. Ravensburger to the rescue! These games have been a welcome addition to our staycation fun this holiday! Here are the four games and our thoughts on them:

Penguin Pile-Up

Soph’s favourite! Those little fingers of hers came in handy (excuse the pun) when it came to gently finding a foothold for her penguins! How does it work? There can be 1 – 5 players and it says ages 4+ but Sophie handled it just fine and she’s only 3. Split the penguins between the players, taking turns to pile your penguins onto the iceberg. The first person to get rid of all their penguins onto the iceberg wins! The kids loved the anticipation of who would topple all the penguins – a super fun, simple game.


This game was too old for Soph (she was just there to intermittently hit the buzzer!), but was such a hit with Oli. A modern card game with the thrill of having a buzzer! How does it work? This fast-paced card game is ideal for ages 6+ and 2 – 6 players. Each player is dealt 7 cards and the buzzer is placed in the middle. The aim of the game is to see who can get rid of all their cards first. You need to have fast reactions to buzz yourself to victory and don’t forget to shout ‘Basta!’ to win your round. You need to win three rounds to win this game. This is a compact little game, perfect to take with you on a holiday where space is a little more restricted.

Scotland Yard

Whilst we can’t wait to play this with the family, this is definitely one that we’ll pack away for another year of two for Oli, so ideal for 8+. How does it work? One player is Mister X, the other players are detectives from Scotland Yard, hot on his trail on the streets of London! Mister X has to outrun the detectives via bus, taxi or underground, but will he be able to outrun them? Best for ages 8+ and for 2 – 6 players, I’m so excited for the kids to be a little older to play this with them! A smart-thinking, strategic game.

Monster Slap

Oli’s favourite! The kids were in hysterics over this one. With Oli’s eagle eyes he was an expert at this one. How does it work? The cheeky slime monsters have escaped! Exploring the Monster City with their sticky, slimy hands. Who will slap the most monsters? The giggles and anticipation filled the house as we waited to see which monster the arrow would land on and then the flurry of activity as we had to see who could slap the monster up first with their sticky jelly hand. Ideal for ages 5+ and 2 – 4 players. Fun for the whole family – make sure you play on a big table where you have space to ‘slap’ your hand.

With still a couple of weeks left before school reopens, what better time to try out some of these fantastic Ravensburger board game offerings! Enjoy some quality family time and share some laughs, special memories and new Holiday traditions will be made!

*We were given product to review but all thoughts are our own.        

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