You are not above Covid-19.

You think Covid-19 is a joke? It’s not. How do I know? We’re living through it in our own home right now. My darling husband tested positive this week, after a routine swab test. He’s been on the front-line this entire pandemic traveling to the hospital build he’s overseeing in Swaziland (which was deemed essential), which has meant he’s been subjected to weekly testing.

When he got the SMS from the lab he literally did a double-take. He thought it was a some kind of sick joke. But it wasn’t. Clear as day – POSITIVE. He arrived home late on Friday night last week from his trip and went in on Monday morning for his test. This entire time he’s been around both the kids and me. We called the lab straight away, but they aren’t able to test us unless we are symptomatic, thankfully which, we aren’t yet (and hopefully won’t be). We have to monitor ourselves between today (Saturday) and Monday. The labs just cannot handle any additional tests unless you symptomatic now.

I’ve seen through social media so many people shrugging the threat of this virus off. Birthday parties with just ‘a few of my closest friends’, braais, sleepovers, playdates. The kids and I have been in lockdown since Sunday 15 March 2020. We haven’t done anything we shouldn’t have. Nothing. When either Dyl or I went out, we’d come home, sanitise, shower immediately and then wash our clothing. Food has been sanitised. Deliveries have been ‘quarantined’ outside. I’ve cleaned and disinfected our house like a machine. But still, we’re living with Covid in our home.

As soon as we found out we moved all Oli’s clothes and whatever he might need out of his room and Dyl went into that room as our ‘sick bay’ – I moved all of what Dyl might need into his new home for the next 14 days. The kids’ bathroom has become his, so no one is sharing a bathroom at all. Cleaning his room involves disposable gloves, a mask and a shower directly after. I’m cleaning and then disinfecting everything with my Zoflora as I go. Food is delivered outside his door ala room service. The kids have been very brave but it’s hard on them. They know their dad is here but the aren’t allowed to even touch the hand on his closed door. They’ve been communicating through the window to check in with him, tell him about their days and how much they love him. It’s so hard – when all you want to do is love and care for someone but you can’t even physically touch them.

His symptoms? He started a runny nose on Monday which seemed to clear up later that day after which he felt slightly fluey. Same thing on Tuesday. Nothing else. He was screened three times on Wednesday (his last day out) and not once was a temperature picked up. Two days into quarantine and he woke up feeling exhausted, and that’s what he still has today. Unless anything changes, our whole house is in quarantine now as we self-isolate which means literally not leaving the front door. Send strength!

Why I am sharing this story? As careful and vigilant as we have been, we’ve still been affected. Please don’t think you’re above this. No one is.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers, that Dyl’s case may remain mild and he may remain quarantined at home. That the kids and I are ‘Negative’. There’s no shame in catching this virus but I plead with you, stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Stop with the socialising. Stop with the brazen behaviour. We are in the midst of a pandemic right now, this is not the time to get complacent. Please. Be safe. Keep safe. Thank you for the huge outpouring of love and prayers for those that already knew about this, I cannot begin to explain what it feels like to be in this situation that no one can predict. Lots of love x


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