[WIN SCRUFFALUVS & A DISCOUNT CODE] The cutest rescue pets around!

Oli has been nagging us for the last few months for a pet. We already have two dogs that he loves and adores but he really wants one that he can say is his pet. I think this delivery from Prima Toys may have saved the day though! So, what are these new ScruffALuvs?

Boys and girls are literally going crazy for these precious balls of fur, and rightly so. The concept of rescuing a forlorn and abandoned matted ball of fur – taking it in, bathing it, caring for it and essentially ‘saving’ it, is exactly the kind of empathetic culture I’d like my children to adopt. Wouldn’t you? The excitement was palpable as each of the kids got to see what they were rescuing!

Once you’ve bathed, dried and groomed them you discover what kind of pet they really are! Who will you rescue? Oli’s first rescue was a SnowPals polar bear aptly named Poly! Then came a Babies Collectables lion named Fluffy, a Babies Collectables puppy called Nosey, a Pink Ombre cat called Roly and a Candy Floss cat called Candy Cane! Each mystery box comes with a mystery animal to adopt, a certificate, grooming brush and other accessories!

Aimed at children from the age of 3 (Oli is nearly 8 and was absolutely enamored so believe me this debunks all stereotypes) ScruffALuvs is the most phenomenal toy to foster empathy, compassion and the culture of ‘adopt, don’t shop’ with animal lovers. My kids have already asked when we can adopt some more ScruffALuvs – this is going straight onto Oli’s birthday wish list!

Oli’s Snow Pals polar bear has a colour-changing heart (when you rub it) which was so exciting for him. The bigger ScruffALuvs are the perfect cuddle size according to Soph, but she says she still really, really loves her Babies Collectables that come in a little travel carrier that she can hook onto her bag! A win in both books!


The latest ScruffALuvs can be purchased from the safety of your own home online at The Kid Zone and what’s even better is I have a discount code for you to use between now and September 30th 2020 on ANY product on The Kid Zone. Use MOMMA10 to get 10% off your entire order (not limited to ScruffALuvs stock) – one use per customer!

WHAT CAN YOU WIN? One lucky follower will win a ScruffALuvs Babies Collectables and a ScruffALuvs SnowPals worth R700!

Head on over to Mommalikeme on Facebook and Instagram for all the details on how you can add one of these precious rescues to your family!


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