{WIN A SET OF TWO} Introducing the CRUNCHBOX – making packed lunches a cinch!

As you’ll know after reading this post, my firstborn is headed to ‘big school’ next year. Amongst other monumental changes, this means a proper packed lunch! We’ve been lucky that the kids Pre-Primary provides breakfast and a cooked lunch, as well as an afternoon snack, so we haven’t had to pack too much of a lunch box just yet. Oli is absolutely thrilled he can have a variety of snacks in one lunch box, without having all his snacks touching, and Soph was beyond excited to get to choose her very own CRUNCHKIN sticker to personalise her lunch box.

The wonderful team over at CRUNCHBOX sent us two boxes to try and I’m absolutely blown away by them – they’ve revolutionised the term ‘packed lunch’ for me!

So what’s so fabulous about the CRUNCHBOX?

The CRUNCHBOX is a lunchbox designed with individual compartments (you can buy either a 3 or 5 removable layout compartment.

The CRUNCHBOX has one unique single leakproof lid that seals all the food compartments individually without any leaking between compartments.

The pre-portioned illustrated trays (fruit, veg, protein, dairy and carbohydrate) will help to guide you on both a balanced and well portioned lunch box. You can simply buy a new insert to switch between portions rather than having to buy an entirely new lunch box. The CRUNCHBOX team encourages healthy eating habits.

This lunchbox is perfect for younger children, providing space for a variety of smaller snacks with the compartment layout. The dimensions of the box are 220 X 170 X 60.


CRUNCHBOX is proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa – designed by a Mom of three (Vanessa Gardner), It’s made of BPA-free plastic and the inner compartments are dishwasher safe!


The CRUNCHBOX means you can now eliminate all unnecessary packaging. Clingfilm, ziplock bags, foil and extra packaging can now be a thing of the past – you can pack with a conscience! Reuse, Reduce and Save!


CRUNCHBOX is highly durable and can be reinvented with a new label year after year. Kids can choose their own CRUNCHKIN character or design from a variety of designs and the boxes come with labels already provided.


The best reason of all? Every CRUNCHBOX bought, feeds a child for day!

“It is an unassailable fact that nutrition enables learning. Children need a varied and balanced diet, while parents strive for convenience and simplicity. I believe CRUNCHBOX provides the solution.”



Here’s a week’s worth of inspiration for you in our brand-new CRUNCHBOX’s – keep in mind I only used the illustration as a guideline and sometimes swopped the food group’s around to suit what I know my own kids would eat and finish.


Monday: Mini cheese griller sausages (Boskruin Butchery make the best ones), strawberry yoghurt, spinach and feta quiche (when I’m feeling lazy I reach for the Woolworths ones), fruit salad and 2 Cereal Biscuits with Oats from Woolworths, but we also like the Bakers Good Morning biscuits.


Tuesday: Mini Margherita Pizzas from Dr. Oetker, baby cucumber sticks, biltong (again, from our favourite Butcher), cut strawberries and Lancewood Spread Delight chocolate flavoured full cream cheese spread to dip into as a treat.


Wednesday: Chicken nuggets from Woolworths (fried in my fantastic Philips XXL Airfryer), Bakers Mini Cheddars, baby cucumber sticks, sliced pineapple, Mini Babybel and Medium Fat Cheesy Wedges wedge from Woolworths.

Thursday: Basil Pesto pasta shells, strawberry yogurt, droe wors sticks, watermelon chunks, 2 Cereal Bars with Oats and a small handful of Alphabet-Shaped Pineapple and Carrot Bites from Woolworths.

Friday: Trying to keep the Sandwich King’s love of bread to a minimum, he’ll have his favourite snack on a Friday – a Peanut Butter with butter sarmie with Nestlé® Milo® Energy Cereal (remember I shared the secret recipe on how to make it, here), Sweet Potato Vegetable crisps, a Clemengold from Woolworths and baby cucumber sticks.

I hope this provides you with some lunchbox inspiration for the last of the 2018 school year and 2019 – with CRUNCHBOX the possibilities are endless!


Find CRUNCHBOX at www.mycrunchbox.com – on Facebook here, and on Instagram here!


GIVEAWAY TIME: Mommalikeme is going to be giving away TWO CRUNCHBOXES to one lucky winner! How do you enter? Simply comment on the blogpost below with what you’d like to pack in your CRUNCHBOX for a day, then head over to the Mommalikeme Facebook page doing the same and tagging two parents who would love this for their own children. Multiple entries are allowed and entering on the Mommalikeme Instagram CRUNCHBOX post will entitle you to additional entries. Make sure you’ve liked both the CRUNCHBOX and Mommalikeme pages in order to have a valid entry! The winner will be announced on the MLM Facebook page on Thursday 22 November 2018. Standard T’s & C’s apply – open to SA residents only. *CRUNCHKIN stickers may vary from what is shown in this blogpost.


CRUNCHBOX is on special during November and December and the new school year period for as little as R300 per box (including an insert). This is definitely something you want to add to your Back to School shopping at this low price!

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  1. My son loves Peanut Butter Low Gi seeded brown bread, with a packet of nik naks and something sweet. And dont forget his bottle of water!!

  2. Ohh this lunch box is too gorgeous…!! We would pack in it:

    A chicken sandwich
    Carrot sticks

    My daughters favourite school time snack xx

  3. Wow this is amazing, I would pack the below for my Lesedi, her favourite fruits: strawberries and grapes from Woolworths. Some carrots and cucumber sticks from Woolworths. mango and orange juice from Woolworths and a cheese and ham sandwich:)

  4. I would pack for my Lesedi, strawberries and grapes from Woolworths. Carrot and cucumber stickers. A cheese sandwich and mango and orange juice:)

  5. I’d pack a chicken with cheese tortilla wrap. Dried fruits packet, Good Morning biscuits and small juice ❤️ for my kids.

  6. I would pack pawpaw cubes (my little one loves PP), fruit yoghurt, chicken schnitzel cut in strips, 2 home made oats and peanut butter cookies, cucumber sticks

  7. I usually put in yogurt, fruit (strawberries, pears, peaches and bananas) my son loves pannekoek, so we try to put something healthy in to keep him focused during the morning at school. Dont forget the water/juice

  8. OMGsh, I’ve been looking for lunchboxes like for ages for my girls afternoon lunches at dancing! I’d pack berries, yoghurt, cheese and crackers, sandwich and sliced apples.

  9. My son loves nutella and strawberries.. he dips the strawberries in the nutella and enjoys it.. the crunchbox will alloww to him to enjoy his favorite snack at school as well.

  10. My little madam is also starting at school next year so the lunch box challenge begins (so excited). I would pack some ham and cheese blocks, grapes and strawberries, homemade pumpkin crumpets with peanut butter dipping sauce .. all this probably covered in “my little girl is going to big school tears”. holding fingers

  11. Packing a lunch in the 5 compartment crunch box:

    Bovoril sandwich ( my sons favourite )
    Fruit & nut bar

  12. My 4 year old starts at a educate in January and has been telling me what she wants packed into her first lunchbox for 2 months already from excitement :-
    A roll with spicebeef and mayo
    My homemade biscuits
    And juice
    One down, two other kids boxes to plan

  13. I would pack apples,rice cakes and something sweet my son loves barney cakes.This box will have lots of space for me to add a few extra healthy treats for the long days he has.

  14. These lunchboxes…..every mama NEEDS them!!! I love them, as well as all your lunch box suggestions!

    I usually pack:
    Some biltong or nuts
    A sandwich (something easy…cream cheese, peanut butter)
    Some cheddars
    Some fruit cut up (usually strawberries)

  15. I would use the 5 compartments:
    1. A selection of cold meats
    2. Gluten free crackers with grated cheese
    3. Trail mix or biltong and cashew nut mix
    4. Freshly washed baby cucumbers
    5. Kiwi cubes, red grapes and strawberries

  16. My daughter loves…
    Bananas dipped in peanut butter and then dunked into flaked almonds.
    Raw baby carrots
    Crumbled Chicken Nuggets

  17. What I would like in my Crunchbox…
    Cucumber sticks
    Minni cheddars (bacon flavour)
    Some thinly sliced biltong
    A few sticks of cheese
    And strawberry youghurt

  18. These lunch boxes are just too amazing. Great for adults too i think 🙂

    I’d pack in some biltong, grapes, yoghurt, mini cheddars and blocks of cheese. My son loves cheese!

  19. I would pack a peanut butter sandwich, biltong sticks, cherry tomatoes, small blocks of cheese, cucumber and a yogurt, all my son’s favorites.

  20. Love this!

    I’d pack for my daughters:
    – strawberries
    – yoghurt
    – chicken meatballs
    – mini rice cakes
    – cucumber sticks

  21. My Jessica’s lunchbox is quite easy to pack as she will only has cheese spread on her sandwiches. I pack some popcorn or chips, a fruit (either banana or grapes – that it all she will eat), a homemade banana muffin and a bottle of water.

  22. These would be so awesome for my 2 kids.. I would love to pack chicken nuggets, biltong, watermelon and some cucumber, and some raisins. I wouldn’t mind taking that for lunch too 🙂

  23. Mini quiche
    Cucumber sticks with hummus dip
    Mini cheddars that all kids love
    Strawberry halves to get their fruit in for the day
    And as a little sweet snack,I’ll put in mini choc chip cookies

  24. oh wow! these are beautiful my kiddies will love them! Id pack cucumber,watermelon,Biltong, cream cheese in the middle and chicken nuggets. holding thumbs

  25. My girls love to take some homemade banana flapjacks with a a bit of raw honey and almond butter on the side. I would pack a bit of fresh fruit, a few animal crackers and their favorite chicken meatballs in too!

  26. I have a two year old girl and a 4 year old boy.
    I will pack:
    4 samoosas,
    Strawberry yoghurt,
    Half a banana unpeeled with a little bit of 100’s and 1000’s sweets just to make it exciting. (they love to have their banana with a sprinkle of sweets)
    Two eet-sum-more biscuits for my little girl and and homemade Choc chip biscuits for my son.
    And in the last compartment some almonds and some freshly sliced coconut and a date each.

  27. My Angel loves 1. mini meatballs – Lean mince packed with juicy flavours that are packaged into adorably sized ball ,she can help make the meatballs the night before too . 2.blueberries 3.Cheese stick bites 4. Strawberry Yogurt – sometimes i incorporate with mini pancakes or quick breads she loves the addition . 5 little bit of cheese curls or cheese nik naks chips on a side to end her meal.

  28. This lunch box is awesome! Both my girls are smackers so this fits them perfectly!

    I would pack them
    Cut up apple.
    Tuna mayo sandwich
    Rice cakes
    Cut up cheese.

  29. I love this!!! So perfect for snacks and like I’ve learned recently they won’t eat them if they mix with each other
    I would pack chicken strips, strawberries, pretzels, yogurt and a blue berry muffin!
    PS I’ve so enjoyed reading the comments for different lunch ideas ❤️

  30. My kiddo is a very fussy eater- I would pack – peanut butter sandwich , Apple, cheese sticks , raisins and yoghurt.
    This would be so awesome because I pack 4 diffrent lunch tins in her cooler bag every day.

  31. I would love this prize both for my son going to Grade 3 as well as for myself.
    Finally, something big enough for both of us… Lol
    I would definitely pack in a sandwich, some berries or grapes, some savory snacks and maybe maybe just a biscuit or 2 for my son.
    For myself, definitely berries, nuts, some cottage cheese, sliced avo and some rice cakes.

  32. My kids hate having their lunch box snacks touching. woolies salt and vinegar rice crackers, bakers breakfast biscuits, pieces of biltong, grapes, strawberries and blueberries.

  33. I just love crunchbox!!! Morgan is also going to grade 1 next year. Being at school and after care, I am always concerned that she gets enough to eat during a day. I would pack her a penutbutter sandwich, some chicken nuggets, cheese, blueberries and some mini rice cakes.

  34. Oh my word! This is awesome! My son loves to nibble on different things. So instead of me packing 5 little individual containers. I’ll only have to pack 1!!! Yippeeeeee

  35. Wow , these are stunning! I would fill my son’s lunch box with some watermelon pieces, chicken nuggets, yoghurt rice cakes and a few flings. All his favourites!

  36. A sandwich
    Fresh Fruits like apples and grapes
    Rice cakes
    Dried fruit and water
    Carrot sticks
    These are some of the things my boys love most. Fingers crossed. This is just an amazing product.

  37. Wish I had this when I was at school.
    I would pack mini chicken breast skewers with kiwi and pineapple pieces.
    Tzatziki dip
    Cauliflower and broccoli salad
    Cheese, cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks on toothpick skewers.
    Nuts and raisins

  38. My daughter hate her different food touching each other. I would pack
    Rice cakes, prunes, chicken, noodles, peas and carrots into a CRUNCHBOX.

  39. I’ll a packing a sandwich, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, cheese cubes, droewors and nuts. All my little girl’s faves.

  40. These are awesome! My son loves snacks – so would pack some frozen peas ( they defrost nicely), some strawberries and sliced grapes, mini cheddars, a little cheese ball, a yogurt and mini sausages.

  41. Fruit salad with a little plain yoghurt, baby carrots and cucumber sticks with red pepper hummus, biltong and nut mix, and homemade spinach and cheese muffin.

  42. I will pack all my daughter’s favourite snacks for school
    Mini jam sandwich, droewors, grapes, watermelon, mini cheese and crackers

  43. These look amazing! Next year Diego will be going to school too *SOB* and he’d love anew lunch box. I’d pack a PB sandwich (his favourite), laughing cow cheese, blueberries, a banana and some raisins for a sweet treat!

  44. Tuna mayo salad + crackerbread + cucumber slices + white cheddar cheese blocks + a fruit like grapes or strawberry slices. I usually end up packing this into multiple lunchboxes and it’s a big hassle for my son at school, but it is his favourite lunch.

  45. My son would absolutely love this..I would pack for him some Grapes, strawberries and pineapple, a yoghurt, pasta or bread with jam, Marie biscuits and ice tea hmmm yum yum

  46. Not sure why I can’t see my comment from yesterday but I’ll try again biltong, ham, watermelon, half a roll with ham and cheese, nuts

  47. I would pack my kids favorites which is chicken nuggets/strips, strawberries, slices kiwi fruit and not forgetting their nuts with raisins.

  48. I would pack cheese in a roll, corn cakes, some drained chickpeas and Woolies peanut butter sandwich cookies. My son is a very fussy eater.

  49. Both my girls will be at school next year.
    I would love this gift. My oldest loves cucumber, raisins, cut up fruit, strawberries.
    This is such a stunning lunchbox.

    Juliana Ferreira Rocha Knight
    Janet Matthews Mans

  50. My son will be attending school for the 1st time next year… he will be in grade R … this would be a great help as I have toddler twins .. so this would make packing lunch so much easier …
    His favorite 5 items for a lunchbox would be:
    1. Peanut Butter Sandwich
    2. A melrose wedge
    3. Strawberry yoghurt
    4. Raspberries and grapes
    5. Oreos

  51. Both my sons would be over the moon for something this amazing!!!Youngest grade R amd eldest grade 4. I would pack in laughing cow cheese (favourite) grapes and strawberries, some sliced biltong and some rye bread crackers. Sooo excited fingers crossed

  52. I would pack my son’s a tuna sandwich, pretzels, cucumbers, biltong, raisins and nuts mixed. They would love to have such an amazing and colorful lunchbox.

  53. These are too cute!!! We love making up fun lunchbox ideas… (spaghetti, strawberries, popcorn, salami sticks and home made date bars are our best!) x

  54. These are perfect for kids lunches! I have been looking everywhere and couldn’t find anything like this.
    I would put yogurt, popcorn, a cheese sandwich and carrot sticks – all my kids favorites.

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