{Win a pair of Bubblegummers} We love our Bubblegummers!

Who remembers owning a pair of Bubblegummers as a kid? I do! And now my kids have their very first pair! For those of you that have no recollection of them, Bubblegummers are a fabulous kiddies shoe brand, with dozens of styles and colours to choose from, the popular Bubblegummers collection has something for every child! The product range includes Dress shoes, Boots, Takkies and Sandals – perfect for every occasion.

Here’s a video of Oli and Sophie unboxing their very first pair of these fabulous, scented shoes (make sure you watch it, as the answer to the question in the competition is in it!):

How sweet?! The kids absolutely adore their shoes and they’ve been so comfortable to wear that they don’t want to take them off (most parents know the struggles of getting their kids to keep their shoes on). They have the freedom to run around and play and I have the comfort of knowing that their growing little feet are being supported correctly.


  1. Ensure you are following Bubblegummers on Facebook and Instagram (this step is mandatory).
  2. Reply on the Mommalikeme Facebook and/or Instagram posts (@Mommalikeme) with the answer to: where can you buy Bubblegummers (this step is mandatory)
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Standard T’s & C’s apply, the winner will win either a pair of boys or girls Bubblegummers – to be announced on Wednesday 24 April, with the prize to be delivered within 4 weeks.