What we’ve been reading this month – our January favourites!

After 70 days of January, we finally made it – thanks to a stack of phenomenal books the kids and I have been reading. Let’s dive right in…

Lola Dutch When I Grow Up – Kenneth & Sarah Jane Wright

We absolutely LOVED this book. My children ponder what they’re going to be allll the time (at the ages of 4 and 7 this is a BIG concern of theirs for some reason). With so many options and exciting ideas, Lola wonders what she could be – and she wants to try it ALL. At this point of the book Oli legitimately argued that I do multiple jobs, and he isn’t wrong! There’s a strong theme of ‘you can be anything’ through the book – exactly what I encourage my kids, and that the possibilities are endless. A beautiful story and epic illustrations.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, 2020 – Penguin

Penguin sent us this book right before Christmas last year and it’s the gift that keeps on giving! With all this load shedding, I’ll find Oli paging through it and spotting something positively bizarre (or gross, or both) and then he’ll call me over for us to read what it’s all about. I love that there’s ample images for the text for a new and interested reader like Oli and he’s literally left mind blown. Worth the buy? Absolutely! This would be a great gift for a child 7+.

The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe – Andrew Newman

This book didn’t win the Book of the Year 2018 by Creative Child Magazine for no reason. Titled ‘The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe’, the first page is dedicated ‘to all who wobble’. This is a story set to empower body positivity and self-esteem – something I could go on about until the cows come home. An incredibly powerful little book that every parent should read to their children. It’s part of the Conscious Bedtime Story Club and I’ll most definitely go and look for some more of their books as each delivers a specific (and important) message. “My body is my body. It is my own to rule. It has some kinks and wobbles. I think it’s supercool” – written in rhyme, this precious book about Ellie the elephant delivers all the right messages we hope our children will live by – to be their true self and to love the body they have.

Going on A Safari – Jody B. Strydom

Right, this one is super special to me, because, for the first time, I’ve been sent a book to review with the kids that was written by a childhood friend! Jody and I grew up in a small diamond mining town in Botswana together and were in the same class for years! She’s published two books so far (the next you will see in our review in February) and for all the Joburg Momma’s you can now find her books in Skoobs Montecasino! The melodical nature of the book and gorgeous illustrations immediately captivated Oli and Soph as they got to learn about all the wild animals Ranger Clive introduces to the children and some fun facts about each of them along the journey. My kids have already asked if there will be another Ranger Clive book coming out – no pressure, Jody! Beautifully written and proudly South African, I highly recommend this book, as do my kids.

Just Like Brothers – Elizabeth Baguley

“When a boy and a wolf cub cross paths in the forest, will fear win the day, or will friendship find a way? – Incredible, bright illustrations, Sophie actually picked this book up at the shop and asked for it. The little boy and wolf cub debunk the prejudice their mothers have instilled in them – finding out that they have so much in common. A beautifully simplistic tale that makes it easy to start a conversation with our own children around prejudice in society, trust and empathy.

Some incredible, mindful books, and we have a whole stack of new ones to keep us busy but please send me any recommendations of what your kids have enjoyed?



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