Turning Six

Today, the 7th August, our firstborn, turns 6. SIX. This birthday symbolises so much for me, let alone you, Oli – most of which I’m distracting myself with by focusing on your birthday party instead.

This year we’ll be throwing you a Carnival Party with all your school friends invited – you all know how much I love party planning – so thankfully this comes as a very welcome distraction to everything that comes with turning 6.

Turning 6 means this is the last year of Pre-Primary.

Turning 6 means this is the last year, until 2022 that both you and your sister, Sophie, will be in the same school, at the same time. You are truly your little sister’s protector and very best friend. I’ve started preparing her for your move to ‘big school’ next year and that you won’t be school together anymore. Her reply? “Nope, I’m going to Grade 1 too with Oli.”. Oh dear.

Turning 6 means this is your last proper year of structured play at school in the clothes of your choosing. Next year my baby boy you will be wearing a school uniform – I can’t quite wrap my head around that, but you’re thrilled by the thought.

Turning 6 means you’re starting homework now. Our afternoons will never be the same again!

Turning 6 means you’ll be graduating at the end of the year and this will be your last Pre-Primary concert. I think there may be tears. From me, not you. No, you’re pleased as punch that you’re growing up.

Turning 6 has already brought with it a massive growth spurt. You’ve been ‘de-wormed’ but you literally eat us out of house and home. After 3pm sandwiches at school you come home to eat fruit, supper, a yogurt, and like clockwork ask “Okay, what’s next?”. Every. Day. You’re getting so tall, I often tell you that I’m going to start piling bricks on your head to keep you small – you’re chest height on me already, and tell me you’ll be picking me up soon.

Turning 6 is bringing with it an even more enquiring mind. You question the reason why, and how to everything, and have become so knowledgeable.

Turning 6 has you asking me often who you’re going to marry. Getting married is a big deal to you. You’ve even practiced slow dancing to our own first dance song with your sister – encouraging her to ‘follow your lead’.

Turning 6 qualifies you for a whole new level of independence, and you thrive on it. Your sister calls on you for snacks, drinks, tooth brushing and last night you even tucked her into bed, own your own accord. Whilst this is so heart-warming to see, it also makes me realise just how time is flying and how big you’re getting. When your dad goes out of town for work, you let me know you’re the man of the house, and will take care of us all. And I believe you.

Turning 6 is going to bring with it so much adventure and wonder my Oli pop, please just don’t grow up too quickly. No matter what age you are, you’ll always be my Baby. You’re so excited for this birthday, you’re literally counting down the days, you’re ready for ‘6’. To be honest, I’m just not sure I am.

*All photographs shot by the super talented Ruth du Toit Photography at Yusuf’s 3rd Birthday Party at Killarney Country Club!




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  1. Beautiful photos and congrats on your son turning 6. They grow so quickly before you know it he will be a teenager. My eldest is turning 12 next month – can’t believe how quick the years has gone by.

  2. Happy 6th birthday to your little man!! What a beautiful post and such emotion, sweet momma!! Six is a BIG DEAL!
    Have the happiest party this weekend x

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