Wow! This time of the year already?! I’m half done with Oli and Soph’s Christmas shopping, but that’s only because I’m waiting to see what the Black Friday sales have in store for us! I thought I had our Christmas lists sorted, and then Oli came home from school with a Toys ‘R Us Toy Guide – with a lot circled – thanks for nothing Toys ‘R Us (jk)!

I’ve rounded up a list of the latest and greatest toy finds from across the country (with the help of two eager toy connoisseurs) that you can purchase online to avoid the manic malls – I hope it helps you plan your shopping, and…keep reading to see how you can WIN two of these fabulous toys from SugarDots (which means two less things you need to shop for)!

  1. Who doesn’t love Our Generation Dolls? This aspirational range has the most incredible dolls to choose from – how beautiful is Laura the Astronaut?! Toyzone – R1049.99
  2. Puzzles are SO important – how amazing is this Human Body Giant Floor Puzzle and Book to help teach the kids about how their body works! The Toy Cabin – R350 (on sale) – https://www.thetoycabin.co.za/shop/The-Human-Body-Giant-Floor-Puzzle-Book-p144032565
  3. Practice your chopping with this fabulous Melissa and Doug Cutting Fruit Set – one of the top sellers for a reason! With a wooden knife and 7 pieces of sliceable wooden fruit, they’re held together with self-stick tabs which makes for a satisfying ‘crunch’ sound when sliced! The Toy Cabin – R320 – https://www.thetoycabin.co.za/shop/Cutting-Fruit-Set-Wooden-Play-Food-p134444396
  4. We got Oli a scooter for his 7th birthday and since then, Sophie had marked this as the number 1 item on her Christmas Wishlist, so that she can scoot alongside her brother. The incredible scooter from micro® is for ages 5 – 12 (Soph is a tall 4-year-old and she fits perfectly on Oli’s) and it’s such a good way to develop balance, coordination and get the kids outside and active. Micro Scooter Maxi Deluxe – R2860 – https://www.micromobility.co.za/product/maxi-deluxe/
  5. This is bound to be on many wishlists this Christmas (in fact it was circled in thick black koki in the Toys ‘R Us Guide by a certain dragon-mad 7-year-old). Hatch and train your very own baby dragon with the How to Train Your Dragon Hatching Dragon Toothless Electronic Toy! Toothless comes to life inside the egg. He moves, makes sounds and his eyes light up to let you know he’s inside. Tap on the egg to hear Toothlesstap back and shake it around to get him aggravated enough to hatch out of the egg! Outside of his egg, Toothless is ready for fun and adventure. Takealot – R1809 – https://www.takealot.com/how-to-train-your-dragon-hatching-dragon/PLID55051188
  6. Perfect for 3+; learning to write the curves of the lowercase alphabet just got a bit easier. Use the directional arrows and trace each letter with the magnetic stylus for a sensory-driven reinforced lesson. Erases with the tip of a finger. Oli and Sophie are such fans of the Magnatab – this will be perfect to teach Soph letter formation. SugarDots – R479 – http://www.sugardots.co.za/Products.aspx?r=16#
  7. I was SUPER excited to see this on a recent trip to Toy Kingdom, as I had been given my very own Mouse Trap game when I was a kid, from Santa – and Oli was instantly enthralled by it! Toy Kingdom – R579.90 – https://www.toykingdom.co.za/games-and-puzzles/board-and-dice-games/mousetrap-mensa
  8. One of the hottest toys this year – FurReal Cubby, is going to make so many kids happy! This Curious Bear Interactive Plush Toy is a dream companion for kids. He has over 100 different interactions and responds to touch, voice and motion with moving eyes, nose, and mouth, his face is delightfully expressive. Cubby is a totally lovable, curious young cub and is eager to be picked up and held (he hugs you back), plays peek-a-boo, and let’s not forget snack time – feed him his bottle or treat and he’ll make eating sounds. Then, when it comes to bedtime, you switch him into a nighttime mode and he slowly falls asleep and plays a variety of music and white noise to also help your child sleep. Makro – R1299 (on sale) – https://www.makro.co.za/baby-toddlers-kids/toys/plush-toys/plush-toys/furreal-friends-cubby-the-bear-/p/000000000000379726_EA
  9. Moving to a home with a pool (finally) I need to make sure Soph is completely water safe (with adult supervision, always) and the Puddle Jumper is the perfect gift this summer! The US Coast Guard-approved Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket can be used instead of a Type III personal flotation device to help keep children (15 to 30 kilograms) safe while they play in or on the water. A feature I love is the adjustable buckle snaps in its back and ensures a secure fit as they grow. A super important factor for me is that other PFD’s restrict their movements. A Puddle Jumper will allow kids to be able to move and swim freely, while getting a confidence boost if they’re just learning to swim.  The Puddle Jumper is also locally NRCS approved! Takealot – R399 (on sale) – https://www.takealot.com/puddle-jumper-kids-life-jacket-watermelon-15-30kg/PLID55394444
  10. How cute are these baubles from Cadbury? This gorgeous, reusable tin to hang on the tree can be used for years to come, is filled with delish chocolate treats! The perfect stocking filler! Dis-Chem – R44.95 – https://www.dischem.co.za/catalog/product/view/id/123051/s/cadbury-101-5g-dairy-milk-chocolate-bauble-flake/
  11. You can’t go wrong with some more summertime fun – December means hot days, and long swims – how fab are these Intex Underwater Sticks? Takealot – R130 (on sale) – https://www.takealot.com/intex-underwater-play-sticks-pool-toys/PLID51968031
  12. Transformers fans are going to go crazy for the Cyberverse Spark Armor Action Figure range out now! Optimus Prime – The Ark Power Optimus Prime figure is an impressive 12 inches tall. This 3-in-1 converting toy is a hot item on the top selling toy lists already, so hurry before you’re disappointed! Toys ‘R Us – R799.99 (on sale) – https://www.toysrus.co.za/transformer-cyberverse-spark-armor-ark-power-optimus-1177152
  13. With Frozen 2 set to premier in the next few weeks, the Frozen 2 Singing Elsa and Anna Fashion dolls (each sold separately) are going to FLY off the shelves (be prepared!). Each doll includes a Frozen 2 inspired outfit, press the button on the bodice to watch the dress light up and hear a snippet of an original song from the Frozen 2 movie. Takealot – R449 – https://www.takealot.com/disney-frozen-2-singing-elsa-fashion-doll-with-music-wearing-blu/PLID56139346?gclid=CjwKCAiA_MPuBRB5EiwAHTTvMRT3ONJKsSE5-RdqHM9pYp59nE7qzMFn_Ax2JsYZVOsIB1v4RhJ9fBoCf68QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  14. My child is still mad about marbles! A brilliant stocking filler – this bag has 500g of various sized marbles. Takealot – R53 (on sale) – https://www.takealot.com/marbles-assorted-500gr/PLID55073401
  15. Okay, this toy has Soph (and me) all kinds of excited. Introducing the gorgeous interactive newborn baby doll, Luvabella. Luvabella Newborn is so life-like, with her natural expressions, realistic facial movements and sounds. If she’s hungry, feed her with her bottle and she’ll suckle on it, just like a real baby. She’ll get gassy when she’s feeling full and needs you to burp her while also affectionately responding to your loving touch. Tickle her and she will respond with sweet giggles, excitedly cooing for more if you stop. You can help soothe her if she gets fussy by placing her soother in her mouth or gently rub her back to hear her respond with happy gurgling noises. Designed with a soft and snuggly body, Luvabella Newborn is easy to cuddle. The ultimate gift this Christmas! Takealot – R1679 (on sale) – https://www.takealot.com/luvabella-new-born-blond/PLID55954773
  16. Stephen Joseph Bead Boutiques is the most amazing gift to give this Festive Season, available from SugarDots. A brilliant fine motor activity to strengthen little fingers, your little one can also make something special to treasure or gift! The wooden bead box doubles as a jewellery box once they’re all made, and there are so many beads to choose from, the designs are as endless as your imagination. There are several themes to choose from in the range. SugarDots – R189 – R279 – https://shop.sugardots.co.za/product/stephen-joseph-wooden-bead-boutiques/
  17. Getting the kids involved in the kitchen has always been important to me – and now they can safely join in on cutting and peeling while you have peace of mind! This fantastic Australian brand, Kiddies Food Kutter, is available through Lily and Lace at R520– contact Fatima on Instagram here.
  18. Books are ALWAYS on my list for the kids and this one looks fab – Pip and Posy: The Christmas Tree. A charming and funny Christmas story featuring Pip and Posy centering on the problems caused by telling fibs, with gentle lessons about being kind and tooth-brushing! Reader’s Warehouse – R99 (on sale) – https://www.readerswarehouse.co.za/products/9781788000864
  19. Play-Doh is forever a love of Sophie’s, and how amazing is this new range of Colour Burst they have brought out? In a pack of four, it’s the classic non-toxic Play-Doh compound with an innovative way to mix and play. Use the roller or your hands to squish and blend the two colours together for a cool marbling and blending effect and watch the colours swirl and change before your eyes. Another great stocking filler idea! Takealot – R129 (on sale) – https://www.takealot.com/play-doh-color-burst-bright-pack-of-4/PLID55543517
  20. Who remembers Enid Blyton growing up? I love the Wishing-Chair Adventures range as it caters for new readers – ages 6-9 – and is such an exciting series – this new release from Penguin is now available – A Wishing-Chair Adventure – The Witch’s Lost Cat! Exclusive Books – R104 – https://www.exclusivebooks.co.za/product/9781405292696
  21. Oli is a massive LEGO® fan and would absolutely love this ceramic mug for his Christmas hot chocolate! LEGO® Certified Store – R259 – https://greatyellowbrick.co.za/collections/hard-to-find/products/lego-iconic-ceramic-mug-853910
  22. L.O.L has yet another incredible series allll the girls are going crazy for! Unbox 7 surprises with each L.O.L. Surprise Sparkle Series doll. L.O.L. Surprise Sparkle Series includes Series 3 dolls dressed with sparkle glitter finishes from head to toe! Look for V.R.Q.T. and other fan faves from Series 3 in all-new outfits! Each ball doubles as a character stand to display your doll that can hang anywhere! Feed or bathe your L.O.L. Surprise Series doll to discover if she cries, spits, tinkles, or colour changes! Collect all 12 characters. Takealot – R349 (on sale) – https://www.takealot.com/l-o-l-surprise-sparkle-dolls-in-skater-blindbox/PLID56265563
  23. The perfect game to keep little minds active over the long holiday – Peaceable Kingdom: Mole Rats in Space Board Game! Oli is at an age where he is very into board games (yay!) and this is right down his alley. Kind of like good old snakes and ladders – with a twist: In a space station far from Earth, a team of Mole Rats is busy at work when a band of snakes infiltrates their station. Players work together to help the Mole Rats gather their equipment and make it to their escape pod before time runs out! Climb the ladders, slip down air-shafts, but don’t get bitten by the snakes. Ages 7+. SugarDots – R399 – https://shop.sugardots.co.za/product/peaceable-kingdom-mole-rats-in-space-board-game/
  24. I’m loving this Pink Glitter Pool Ring! Game – R199 – https://www.game.co.za/game-za/en/All-Game-Categories/Sports-%26-Leisure/Sports-%26-Hobbies/Swimming-%26-Diving/TRANSPARENT-GLITTER-TUBES/p/00798630
  25. Something I’m trying to encourage more and more with the kids is puzzle building. This Scratch Puzzle: 150 Piece World Map Puzzle combines the best of two worlds – a fun building experience and learning at the same time. Place the puzzle pieces in the right spot one by one and watch the incredible picture come to life! The puzzle consists of 150 pieces and is suitable for puzzle enthusiasts aged 6+ years. SugarDots – R249 – https://shop.sugardots.co.za/product/scratch-puzzle-150-piece-puzzle-world-map/
  26. I’ve been a TMNT fan since a kid, and this series just never seems to lose its appeal with kids these days! Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has reimagined the characters in a fresh new way, featuring jagged-shelled Raphael as a snapping turtle, wielding twin tonfas as his weapons; Leonardo as a red-eared slider, using an ōdachi sword; Donatello as a soft-shell turtle, sporting a Tech Bo- Staff; and (my personal favourite) Michelangelo as a box turtle, arming himself with a kusari-fundo.Toy Kingdom – R229.90 – https://www.toykingdom.co.za/action-figures-and-statues/tv-and-movie-action-figures/tmnt-basic-figures
  27. Hot Wheels is a constant on Oli’s wishlist – he’s been collecting the cars since before he was two! How cool are these Hot Wheels Monster Trucks collectibles? Toys ‘R Us – R149.90 – https://www.toysrus.co.za/hot-wheels-monster-trucks-164-assortment-1174316
  28. Sophie already adores her Enchantimals – now we can add an Enchantimals Patter Peacock dress up to the collection! She loves trying on dress up clothes and I will always encourage this happy imagination play! Takealot – R395 – https://www.takealot.com/enchantimals-patter-peacock-dress-up-age-3-to-4-years/PLID55956903
  29. Which little kid doesn’t dream about space? Look up at galaxy with the Scratch Deco Starlight Projector. SugarDots – R229 – https://shop.sugardots.co.za/product/scratch-deco-starlight-projector/
  30. What better activity to do on a windy day than go fly a kite?! I found the cutest diamond shaped range over on SugarDots from Scratch. SugarDots – R179 – https://shop.sugardots.co.za/product/scratch-outdoor-kite-diamond-paradise-bird/


I’m giving away a toy hamper from SugarDots consisting of a Lowercase Magnatab and a Stephen Joseph Bead Boutique valued at R700! How to enter?

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*Some of the above items have been sent to me for review purposes

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