The perfect Peppa Pig party!

Monday came with the honour of styling a Peppa Pig party for one of the sweetest little three year olds I know! My family has been to Bella’s last two parties, and I know the lengths her Mom goes to, to throw the most special day for her baby girl, so I knew it had to be spectacular (coupled with the fact that it’s the first party someone was paying to have styled). In case you’re not caught up on all the goings on, I’m going to be focussing a lot of my time, love and energy into my new company, Bunting & Blooms, so this is just the beginning!

Rebecca (from In these Stilettos) helped in pulling this all together. However, the point of this post is to showcase how simple and effective a theme like this can be for you to emulate for your own Peppa fan and provide you with a little bit of inspiration!

The party was set at the wonderful Beans & Stikkies Adventure Park, just off Beyers Naude Drive, in Roodepoort. Wendy and her staff are so friendly and the venue is extremely well-run, (we were in Venue 1 – there are two age-appropriate venues to choose from) they’re clean and are packed with so many things to do your kids won’t be able to decide what to do next. From a zipline, to a jumping castle, pirate ship, castle, swings, massive sandpit, jungle gyms, cars on tracks, bikes, ball pit, ‘Shell’ garage to refuel, and so much more, the options are endless. If that isn’t enough, there’s also a train/tractor ride to rent, a waterslide with a bottle of bubbles and the option of a petting zoo to add on to your party! I only saw my kids when it was time to sing Happy Birthday, just what you want, happy kids having a ball celebrating with the Birthday girl.

Peppa Pig is huge in our home, and with most little girls (and even boys!) – I think it’s going to be a hugely popular theme on the party scene. A simple backdrop depicting the quintessential Peppa hill, sun and home on the hill set the tone for the party. Bella’s mom ordered a phenomenal two-tier, character-full cake from Kelly Jayne’s Cake Boutique, and the adults loved the chocolatey cake as much as the kids! To tie in the theme we used Peppa sun cookies, daisy cookies on sticks in wheatgrass picket fence boxes, an Astroturf runner, a pink Ferris Wheel, a pair of Bella’s gumboots filled with flowers (perfect for splashing in muddy puddles!), Muddy Puddle Puddings and jars filled with our specially selected-colour themed sweets! The finishing touch was the food labels to bring everything together and the kids clambered over one another to get their hands onto one of Pedro Pony’s caramel popcorn and to enjoy Grandpa Pig’s fruit from his Fruit Garden and Mr Potato’s Chips!


The kids got to enjoy chicken hotdogs aptly-named Mummy Pig’s Pigs in a Blanket and got to cool down with some personalised water bottles and some fabulous Duck Pond Water of course.

How sweet was the kiddies table layout? Simple grass runners brought Peppa’s world to the party, some rubber ducks, fresh fruit in pink enamel buckets, a few sweeties and the Birthday girl’s favourite snack – Flings! Each place setting had a mandatory party blower (Bella’s wishes) and a delicious strawberry milkshake bottle adorned with a sprinkle cookie and straw to celebrate with.

There were personalised party packs for each child filled with homemade pink playdough in tubs, a pink milkshake straw, a pack of Peppa Pig stickers, a little yellow rubber duck, a Peppa Pig iced cookie, a packet of Flings, lollipop, Chomp and Smarties.

I hope you enjoyed this gorgeous, yet simple theme – a few odes to the overall theme without being overly characterised (see, it is possible) – I mean, who doesn’t love jumping up and down in Muddy Puddles with our favourite Pig?

Sam, thank you for your belief and trust in this vision for Bella’s 3rd Birthday, I hope that Bunting & Blooms can play a part in styling many more parties for your sweet little girl.

To contact me to style your next celebration, message me on until the Facebook Page and website are up and running!


Cake: Kelly Jayne’s Cake Boutique

Baked Goods: Bake My Day

Venue: Beans & Stikkies Adventure Park

Printing: Ambari – Preven or 083 381 7470

Balloons: Party Spot Northgate

Spit Braai: Nyama Spitbraai

Sweets: Party Spot Northgate


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