{The best shoelace tying hack ever!) Sh*t’s getting real!

Top of my forever growing to-do list this holiday has been ‘Teach Oli to tie his shoelaces’. It’s remained there at the top, until Monday when I finally just did it. I think I kept procrastinating it as it signals his start of big school. We had an orientation day with Oli’s new school at the beginning of December and his Principal told us we need to make sure our kids can tie their laces. I panicked in that moment. On days when Oli has swimming we went for shoes that could slip on, and in younger years, velcro straps. Tying his own laces meant he would be finally fully independent in dressing himself. My boy, so big! I love watching him grow up and ponder life, but it makes me so sad. I always tell Oli, no matter how big you get you will always be my baby, and he turns to me with his dark brown eyes, smiles and says “Don’t worry, Mommy, I will always be your little baby”. Sob.

I digress. I woke up to another raining morning and said to an apprehensive Oli, “It’s time to tie your shoelaces!”. And that’s just what we did. I had seen the most genius video floating around the interwebs a year or so ago and remember thinking that when the time comes, I’d show Oli the video of little Colton from America sharing his simple trick to tying shoelaces. Fast forward to the other day, I googled “little boy showing you how to tie your shoelaces” and there you go! Simple, from the mouth of a FIVE-year-old, I was dumbfounded and literally whopped when Oli did it, no problem! Oli decided he’d like to make his own tutorial to help any little kids who needed to learn how to tie their laces before school, so here you go – the easiest way to tie your own shoe laces!

Oli shows you how to tie your laces

The best part about this, this trick includes a double knot so you don’t need to worry about shoe laces becoming undone all the time. We’ve practiced in his new PE trainers and his school shoes, both with success! It baffles my mind as to why at school-going age shoe brands are still selling shoes with velcro straps just delaying the act of actually learning to tie your laces, which is why I went for all the lace-up options in school and sports shoes. I feel like with that final knot and set of bunny ears a massive burden was lifted off my shoulders – strange, perhaps, but for so long this one act has signified getting my first born ready for big school, and now he’s ready. The start of a wonderful adventure, only a few more days away!  Good luck to all the mommies and daddies getting ready to send their babies off into the big wide world!


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