So this is three – a letter to my Soph for her birthday.

My precious, feisty little child, on Friday you will be 3. Three! I can’t quite believe it. Three whole years since you set the tone for your personality, by arriving on your own terms. No one is going to stop you from being you, don’t let them.

Three years since the last little space in my heart was filled. Filled to capacity with so much love and joy – which you remind us of daily.

You make us laugh from the pits of our bellies until we cry. Not just us, but your teacher too. You carry your personality around with you like armour but spread your love, joy and hilarity freely. Every day that I fetch you from school I hear a new story of how you’ve lightened someone’s day. Don’t stop.

Your blonde hair shimmers and swishes and casts the most angelic aura. Your cute little looks get you out of a hell of a lot of trouble, and I don’t foresee that changing. Our real life doll. You truly are beautiful inside and out. Your inane charm melts everyone’s hearts.

Three years ago, we gave your brother the best gift we could have ever given – a sister and his very best friend. There was never a jealous moment when you arrived into our lives, you were an answered prayer.

You’ve grown so much in the last year. You love your independence. Your cheeky grin is enough to let me know you’ve done something you probably shouldn’t have, but how can I be mad? Your love and zest for life can be seen, and heard, through multiple choruses of your favourite songs, and you will happily entertain anyone that will listen, with your sparkly eyes and smile lighting up the room.

I love being your number one, and believe me I cherish every moment of your attention – one day it’s going to be your Dad, and then a boyfriend, and then a husband. So for now, I’m happy having you sprawl yourself over my lap, at my elbow in the kitchen, squeeze your sticky hands into mine and having you stroke and kiss my face awake in the morning after you’ve crept into our bed at night. My hearts swells when you proudly declare me as your best friend in all the world – the only way you can emphasise in your brilliant nearly-three-year-old mind that I’m your MVP, the cherry on your top. Thank you.

My Buggy – I wouldn’t change these three years for anything, you are an absolute treasure. Happy Birthday my sweet little Soph – I love you irrevocably.

To get to know the birthday girl a little better, read our interview on my special friend’s blog here – .

In celebration of her birthday month, we’re sharing the love by giving away something from four of Sophie’s favourite South African brands. The first giveaway kicks off today – keep an eye out on the Mommalikeme Facebook and Instagram accounts, you don’t want to miss this!

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  1. This is beautiful!!!! I read the boyfriend and husband bit and I swear it only just hit me that that’s in my future

    A very happy birthday to your beautiful little girl. Hope to meet her soon!

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