So this is five!

My sweet Soph,

Wow, that year went fast! Just the other day we were celebrating you turning four with a Tutti Fruitti party and this year it’s entirely different.

We’ve been holed up at home for going on three weeks now, since the first Presidential address, bar a couple of walks to the park at the end of our road before the 21 Day Lockdown commenced.

I ordered you some beautiful gifts from the most fantastic online store, but unfortunately with the country going into lockdown, we weren’t able to get our order in time. I cried. You cried. You didn’t understand what was happening, and why we simply couldn’t go fetch them. Oli even suggested (in all seriousness) that I contact the president and ask that they ‘please let Sophie’s presents get delivered, just this one time’. When he saw his psychiatrist for a session right before lockdown, the only thing the doctor told me your brother was anxious over was ‘his sister not getting to celebrate her birthday’. Then, a gesture of kindness came from someone completely unknown to me. One of my Instagram followers suggested people send in pictures and cards for the birthday girl. I was so touched by the thoughtfulness of this suggestion and pictures and videos started coming in from all over the globe. I’ve printed them all, thank goodness for my Canon PIXMA Printer, saved the videos and I repurposed a pink box I had used as levels for your 3rd birthday party to keep them all safe.

We started your birthday morning off with flapjacks in bed and you poured over your special pictures you’ve been sent, with so much love. We’ve printed out some fun mini party hats, again, thank you Canon Printer, for a little fun which we assembled with red red pom-poms on top and later, we’ll bake a cake together, you and I – your suggestion of chocolate and raspberry. It’s a simple day. A day of taking birthdays ‘back to basics’ but I think you’re thrilled with the simplicity of it all.

We’re hoping we get to celebrate with some family and friends after the lockdown is lifted, if it is indeed lifted in two weeks, but this birthday is one for the history books so we’re living for the now. This special box of pictures will mean more to you one day than anything money could buy, that I know for certain.

Happy Birthday my most beautiful girl. The daughter I prayed for. My beautiful rainbow baby. This is five, it’s going to fantastic.

I love you forever,

Mommy xoxo

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