Snow sensory box – the only snow we’ll see this holiday!

We were sent some amazing Zimpli Kids products to try out and were immediately drawn to the SnoBall Battle Pack. Although we decided not to use the SnoBall’s in ‘battle’ we decided to make a fun snow sensory box to play with, and to celebrate the snowscapes the Northern hemisphere is getting. We’ve promised Oli that one year we will have a white Christmas.

In our big container that we generally use for this kind of fun, we added in four litres of water and opened up all four of the individually sealed sachets in the SnoBall Battle Pack. As soon as we started mixing in the powder you could see the ‘snow’ forming. We created a little winter wonderland scene with a small Christmas tree we found at China World for R10.00, then added in all of Soph’s Disney Frozen characters, two Christmas tree cookie cutters, a handful of blue marbles we keep for fun activities and a bunch of blue glass pebbles. A scattering of confetti snowflakes finished the box off and the kids got to playing. The same texture as the Gelli Baff by Zimpli Kids, the kids loved squashing and squeezing it between their hands, rolling it into ‘snow balls’, cutting the ‘snow’ with their Christmas tree cutters and digging for buried treasure (the glass pebbles). They played for over an hour with their sensory box outside giving me some much-needed child-free space to clean the house without little feet running over wet floors!

There’s no right or wrong way to do a sensory box – have fun, let the kids be creative and more importantly, just let them play! Watching my children play unaided making their own fun is such a wonder to watch. Oli ended up grouping all the objects and counting them all.

Zimpli Kids products: Gelli Play, Slime Play, Slime Baff, Gelli Baff and SnoBall can be found in various toy stores such as Toys R Us, and online at Takealot. The products are 100% Safe to use and non-staining. Check them out on YouTube under ‘Zimpli Kids’ for loads of fun and exciting videos.


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