Seven! My baby boy – where has the time gone?

How on earth did we get here? I mean, I get it, the earth revolves around the sun for 365 days and BAM we’re a year older, but, how is it possible that I’m a momma to a SEVEN YEAR OLD?! All of a sudden, Oli turning seven makes it feel like he’s not my baby anymore and it’s giving me all the feels.

I still call him my baby, and always will – he even commented the other day “Mommy, you know I’m not your baby anymore right, but that’s okay you can still call me ‘baby’”.

My sweet Oli, you’re wise beyond your years. Your capacity to love, forgive and empathise astounds me, and I wish I was half of the beautiful soul you are. Not a day goes by that you don’t tell your Daddy and I how grateful you are for our family and the wonderful life (how did we get so lucky) you live. You’re the first person to wipe someone’s tears away, and thank the pope, you’ll still smother me with kisses at school, slide your little hand into mine and proudly show me off to your friends.

You’re so excited for ‘seven’ and being able to turn seven on the 7th, but promise me, you won’t grow up too quickly, I’m not ready for that just yet. I love you my sweet boy – the one who made me ‘Mommy’, may ‘seven’ be a magical year.

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