{Review} TOWER’s superb Scholastic Label range!

The fabulous team over at TOWER sent us a gorgeous hamper of products from their Scholastic range. For the longest time I thought TOWER only did those plain white rectangular stickers and stars that the Teacher’s used to use on my homework growing up. That all changed this year when I got to experience the brand in all its glory, seeing their massive range of products. You’ll know from these posts – Sophie’s Mermaid, and Oli’s Carnival parties, that I used TOWER activity packs as my take home gifts at both Oli and Sophie’s parties. I even mentioned them here in my Christmas Gift Guide for Kids, as they have a fabulous Science and Art range!

Going onto their website to look at labels you’ll arrive on the landing page which says “Ensure your child’s valuables return home from their adventures. Every label under the sun” – and that’s quite literal. They’ve introduced four new offerings to their Scholastic Range – a Standard Pack (R225.00), Mini Pack (R125.00), Iron-On Pack (50 for R90.00 or 100 for (R150.00) and Pre-School Pack (R150.00).

Let’s talk School. Oli is headed into Grade One next year, which signals the start of our foray into strict school guidelines and uniforms! Oli was sent a personalised Standard Pack, which consists of:

Book Labels x 30

Personalised with his name and “Subject” and “Grade” these are perfect for adding on when covering school books – now if I could only outsource the covering that goes with it!

Stationery Labels x 44

A mound of stationery is now going to need to be individually labelled, seriously, each and every pencil, pencil crayon, glue, pair of scissors, ruler, sharper (the list goes on), and these little beauties are going to be so handy when it comes to this! I remember my Mom having to hand write my name onto all my stationery at this age, thank goodness technology has evolved! These are dishwasher safe, so can be used on other items that are not stationery, too.

Wrap-around Labels x 60

Apply the white printed section to your pencil, etc. with your name running down the item. Keep label as straight as possible so that the clear section covers the white printed section. Simple!

Mini Labels x 44

Perfect for labeling smaller items, I can see these proving to be very useful! Also, they too are dishwasher safe, so perfect for cutlery, lunchboxes and juice bottles!

Clothing (iron-on) Labels x 50

Oh, how grateful I am that we no longer only have the ‘write with permanent/laundry marker’ or sew-on label options. My Mom painstakingly hand sewed our names onto all our socks, dresses, jerseys, shirts, sport’s shirts and tracksuits – imagine! I’m the first to admit I can’t even sew on a button successfully! These labels are supplied as a strip and can be cut off as needed.

5 Simple Steps to using your TOWER Iron-on Labels:

  1. Set your iron to dry mode and the temperature to between 140°C – 170° If your iron has cotton mode, this should result in the same temperature.
  2. Use the supplied extra labels on a waste piece of material to test that the iron settings are correct so that you don’t waste your labels by using the incorrect temperature settings.
  3. Using a firm flat surface, position your iron-on label on the garment you wish to label and place a thing pressing cloth over the label.
  4. Using your iron, apply light pressure to the label area for about 30 seconds. Ensure the iron is kept stationary.
  5. Allow the label to cool and repeat 2 more times.

How easy is that?!

Shoe Labels x 8

Ensure that the application area inside the shoe is clean and dry. Apply the clear label shield to your shoe label before the shoe label is removed from its backing. Then peel and apply the two labels combined into the shoe – I always use this on the heel area of the shoe and I find they generally stay put with the pressure applied naturally be the foot.

Bag Tag x 2

I’m so excited about these! Instead of coming with a cable tie like most of the label suppliers do, these are hard (almost like a credit or identity card) and come with a keyring to attach to the zip or handle of your child’s school bag.

The Pre-School Pack, which Sophie was sent, consists of:

Birthday Labels x 21

What a cute idea? Instead of book labels, which aren’t yet necessary, she got these included in her pack – more age-appropriate! “Happy Birthday, From: Sophie Ras” – perfect to put onto a gift for the birthday child!

Stationery Labels x 22

Mini Labels x 44

Clothing (iron-on) Labels x 40

Shoe Labels x 8

Bag Tag x 1

So, what do I think?

A couple of people have mentioned they can get bright, coloured labels with images for around the same price point – you probably can, I’ve turned down another label company every year when they offer to put fairies and soccer balls onto my kid’s labels – I just want them plain, so these labels from TOWER are straight down my alley! If you do want the fancy fonts and cutesy icons, these aren’t for you. TOWER is all about practicality.

The only things I’d add in would be into Sophie’s pack. At her age, everything needs to be marked, because let’s face it, 3-year old’s are very good at misplacing things. I’d add in more iron-on labels, more shoe labels (she wears more shoes than Oli will, with him being limited to school shoes and trainers or boots for sports) and I’d add in an additional bag tag for her swimming bag! I’d definitely buy an Iron-On pack to beef it up a bit – you can choose from 50 or 100 in this pack, so then I’d have an ample amount.

The labels are fairly priced, easy to use, and have the TOWER stamp of being quality tested – the brand is synonymous for this – and have a quick delivery time.

How do you order your own set?

There’s some good news! If you want to order a pack, you can use the special Mommalikeme Discount Code and get 10% off your order! Upon checkout, use the code: mommalikeme to claim your 10% – YAY!

Click here to get started: https://www.mytowerlabels.com/

A set delivery fee of R55.00 is applied to your order at checkout.

Standard turnaround time is 3 – 4 working days from the time your order is processed.

Go on, place your order now before the January back to school rush, you’ll thank yourself later! Happy labelling!

*I was sent TOWER products to review, but all thoughts and observations are my own.

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