Pinkie Promise?

Pinkie Promise. The holy grail of commitment in the eyes of my two children. As they say – you never break a pinkie promise. So, what am I pinkie promising? Playtime with my kids. It sounds ridiculous I know, but it’s not really when you think about it. How often do YOU play with your kids? I mean really play. You know, actually put away your devices, turn off the TV and sit down and actually PLAY with your kids? In this day and age, probably not enough. But we can change that.

Have you seen Hasbro’s #SaveTimeForPlaytime video yet?

Watch it if you haven’t, it really resonated with me, especially since a lot of my work is done via my cell phone, and being a WAHM I never really stop working, like I might if I was in an office. The team has taken the campaign one step further now and introduced the #SaveTimeForPlaytime Pledge. The Pledge encourages parents and kids to pledge how they would save time to make playtime a priority – and then, to actually commit to making this happen.

I know we’re all busy, we all work on different schedules and sometimes our days with our kids are like two ships passing in the night while we quickly dish out kisses and cuddles and ask how their day was in between trips to ballet, multiple school runs, endless homework, afternoon activities, events and the general busyness that is life. Not all days are perfect. I’m far from a perfect mother. Sometimes Peppa, George and Ms. Frizzle babysit my kids while I get some admin done. Other days we’ll sit and build puzzles, make multiple creations, have sensory fun and draw for hours. I’m pledging to be more consistent in scheduling playtime with my kids. Even if it’s just a half an hour between closing the homework books and before I get started on supper and the bath and bed routine, I will find the time, I will be present.

Will you take the Pledge? Head on over to Facebook, to @monopolysouthafrica and pledge to #SaveTimeForPlaytime and you could WIN a R1000 voucher and a Hasbro game of your choice!


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