optiphi® Facial Cleanser: The good, the bad and, nope, there’s no ugly!

Truthfully, there really isn’t ‘an ugly’. I’ve been testing the optiphi® Facial Cleanser (part of their Active range) for well over a month now and I’m completely sold on this product. Better than the phenomenal results I’ve gotten, this brand is Proudly South African!

Born from the knowledge applied in the fields of producing burn wound dressings, wound ointments and even temporary skin substitutes, the understanding of the inner workings of the skin allow us to create unique and highly effective skincare products with unparalleled results.” – www.optiphi.com

What’s my favourite thing about this product?

As a busy Mom to two small children, a quick, yet effective skincare routine is what I’m after. I don’t have time in the morning between dressing two kids, myself, brushing teeth and packing lunches for a half an hour facial routine. Enter the optiphi® Facial Cleanser. It does three jobs in one! This active scientific skincare acts as a multi-functional cleanser that gently purifies, acts as a mild exfoliator and is a pH balanced toner. The Cleanser can even be used as a shaving medium and gentle eye make-up remover – how amazing is that?

What’s the product about?

If you are after a skincare product that smells beautiful, quite simply, this is not it, but it is a product that works, and for me that’s enough. A deep cleansing and light exfoliating action is provided by Salicylic Acid, which targets problematic and uneven skin. Additionally, calms and desensitizes the skin. One of the biggest results I’ve gotten from using the product is the improvement in my skin texture – it’s begun evening out the rough patches on the right-hand side of my face. optiphi® Facial Cleanser supports the barrier function of the skin – this essential function of the product is to prevent water loss from the skin and protects against the harmful environmental factors which we face on a daily basis. Formulated at an ideal pH of 5.5, the Facial Cleanser restores balance to the skin.

For those wondering…

This gentle soap-free formulation is suitable for all skin types and conditions. It can even be used as a quick 5-minute face mask or as an overnight spot treatment – truly such a multifunctional product, you absolutely get your money’s worth from just one product!

The RRSP for a 150ml Facial Cleanser is R737 and will last, a little truly goes a long way.

Would I repurchase this?

I would without a doubt repurchase this product – my skin is left feeling both smooth and hydrated after cleansing, before I’ve even moisturised. Other cleansers I’ve tried have often left my skin feeling tight. I’ve started using it once a week as a quick 5-minute mask and the results are unbelievable – my skin has become wonderfully supple.

I’m super excited by this brand and already have my eye on the Active Lip Formula (https://www.optiphi.com/default/active-lip-formula) (designed to soften the skin and allow for optimal nourishment) – as I find some of my lipsticks are so drying, not to mention the harsh dry Winter air; as well as the Clarity Serum (https://www.optiphi.com/default/products/classic/clarity-serum). I’m such a sucker for a good serum.

If you’re after a skincare brand that will deliver results, this is it. To find an optiphi® stockist near you, click here (https://www.optiphi.com/default/locator/)


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  1. This sounds amazing…I love that it has so many uses…..in one product! As busy moms, we usually need products that deliver results, but that don;’t take up a lot of our time. Seems to check all the boxes. Will hopefully try it out when I run out of cleanser!

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