New Christmas tradition – building a Gingerbread House!

More and more over the years I’ve seen a growing number of Westernised Christmas traditions creeping into South Africa, this is one I’m absolutely thrilled about. We like to do Christmas ‘big’ in our house, and have loved starting and continuing Christmas traditions for our children. Decorating the tree together and who gets to adorn it with the star with Daddy. Baking Christmas cookies to leave out for Santa and the obligatory pavlova and cheesecake. Multiple visits to the ‘Christmas Light House’ in Randpark Ridge. Visits to the beautiful Christmas displays in the Lifestyle Garden Centre. Coco our Elf of the Shelf and his shenanigans. Home Alone and other Christmas-themed movies, and now a new one, building a Ginger Bread House together. The common thread amongst all these traditions is the time we get to spend together doing these special activities, which is why I’m so excited to be adding another one centred on spending quality time as a family.

This year, Oh for Heaven’s Cake, has created the perfect build-your-own Ginger Bread House kit. The kit costs R200 and consists of: already baked cookie house parts, ready-made royal icing with a piping bag, assortment of sweets to decorate your house with, a cookie family and accessories (trees and path), instructions on how to assemble and a cake board to build your masterpiece on. If you’d prefer your kit as a sugar cookie and not gingerbread, Steph can do that too!

How do you order? Contact Steph on 084 993 4977 or email her on – courier services are available on request, or delivery is available within Johannesburg at a standard delivery fee of R50.

Order yours now, and start this beautiful tradition with your family this year. Orders will be taken up until the 20th December, with the last delivery day being the 23rd December. It’s important to note that the icing (or cement, as Oli refers to it as, in construction terms, obviously) needs to be refrigerated upon collection/delivery and then allowed to go back to room temperature when it’s time to start. If the icing is a little thick, add half a tsp of water at a time until the consistency resembles that of toothpaste.

The kids absolutely loved this fun family activity – with Oli taking the reins on the design work and technical aspect of the ‘construction’ – under the supervision of Dad, who actually works in the industry (construction, not Gingerbread!) with Soph adding her finesse on all the aesthetics (bless her!). Oli would have decorated every square inch of that house had he been allowed to, and loved being able to create his own ‘designs’. The box comes with more than enough sweets to create this masterpiece, we just added in a bit of a sparkle with a variety of sprinkles from our baking cupboard.

Some tips from the construction team:

Don’t rush! If it’s a warm day, use a fan to help dry the icing faster. We used Consol jars to help support the structure as it dried. Once the structure is iced, run your finger along all the joints with another piping of icing to ensure your structure is solid.

Thank you so much Steph, for creating a brand-new tradition for us, I can’t wait to see how we up the ante in our House next year! Find Oh For Heaven’s Cake on Facebook here. This was the perfect start to our Festive Season, time to order yours!

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  1. We’ve been doing gingerbread houses for the past 3 years and this year’s is the best so far. I just love how everyone gets in on the fun. Judging from the photos it was a massive hit in your home too!

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