Nestlé has launched the new and improved MILO® Energy Cereal with 27% less sugar, more added benefits and I’m sharing the secret recipe with you!


The secret is out, and parents, you’re going to love this. The famous brand has given the cereal we know and love an entire makeover, and has reduced the sugar contents by a whopping 27%. That’s huge! Breakfast time can now be guilt-free!

I attended the media event last week, hosted by Dr Michael Mol, that was aimed at helping us moms understand exactly what ingredients go into the much-loved MILO® Energy Cereal and that the improved recipe contains ‘less sugar and more benefits’.

Scientifically proven, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. I’ve shied away from cereals for a while now because of the huge amounts of unnecessary sugar added, but, with Nestlé re-introducing this radically improved MILO® Energy Cereal with 27% less sugar, I now have a quick and easy breakfast solution, with only 1 ½ teaspoons per serving. To put the recipe into relatable terms, as explained by Nestlé Medical and Scientific Affairs Manager, Anne-Marie de Beer, with each serving of MILO® Energy Cereal, your kids will be consuming the fibre of two slices of whole wheat bread and the iron-equivalent of 2 cups of cooked spinach with each serving. How brilliant is that?

So, what are the ‘added benefits’ the brand professes?

You might have already noticed, but the old ‘petal’ shape is gone and has been replaced with smaller, round cereal balls. I for one, am thrilled – we’ve always been a Milo cereal fan, but often the kids were so eager to wolf down their cereal that their milk hadn’t yet turned chocolatey-brown and the shape of the cereal sometimes hurt the roof of their mouths as it hadn’t yet softened. I can attest to this, because I love this cereal too! The new shape softens quicker and the milk turns chocolatey faster, encouraging my kids to finish every spoonful! The cereal also has a higher wholegrain fibre content due to the use of whole grains, more protein and Activ-Go, which is a unique blend of malt extract and micronutrients that play a vital role in energy release and is free from any artificial colourants!

The verdict?

During the launch last week, under the mentorship of Chef Sizwe, we made our very own MILO® Energy Cereal in Nestlé South Africa’s state-of-the-art kitchen at their head offices in Bryanston. First hand, I was able to see all the wholesome goodness that is packed into these new crunchy little cereal balls and, I’m sharing the recipe with you right here!

Why not involve your kids in their breakfast choices by making a batch of your own cereal? Nestlé South Africa has understood the challenges we face on a daily basis, and are ensuring our children get all the nutrients they need to fuel them through their busy day of learning and play, whilst bringing us a breakfast option that has minimal sugar. I can only say thank you!

Available in all major retailer stores from 19 July 2018, you need to add a box of this to your next grocery shop, trust me, the kids won’t be able to wait until breakfast (without milk, it’s even a great snack option for lunch boxes or road trips for the holidays).

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  1. This is fantastic news. My kids eat a crap ton of cereal and the sugar content drives me crazy. They know we don’t add sugar to Milo and Otees. I’m definitely adding this to cart next time I’m at spar. I also spend a lot on cereal bars so I’m keen to try this recipe.

  2. Both my girls love cereal. So I think I am going to give buy this one for them to try (glad the sugar has reduced). You know when I bought MILO cereal in the past I actually eat it as a snack just so (no milk). It is delicious!

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