My WAHM life

I’ve officially been working from home now, for what, six months! Is it what I thought it would be like? Yes, and no. Has it been worth the move and adjustment, ten million times YES!

Working from home has it’s pro’s and con’s. The biggest ‘con’ if I can call it that, for me personally, is the lack of interaction with others. I’m a people person and going from a bustling office where I was surrounded by 60-odd people to mostly my own company has been a big adjustment. When I’m feeling like I need a little more interaction (even if I’m just in the vicinity of other people) I head to a local coffee shop where the coffee is strong and the WIFI is good and I find I’m most productive.

Getting to schedule my day according to my own hours is something I still find exciting. Being able to bash out four hours of work in the morning between school runs means I have my entire afternoon with the kids and my evenings free should I choose. Or I could take the day off for an event and work late into the night, it’s my own prerogative and I love it. Monday mornings I like to sit down and plan out my content, client work, meetings, events and our family’s personal movements for the week. Planning helps me be less anxious, more focussed and again more productive. The use of a planner like the Alexa Lily Daily Edit is the exact reason it’s Number One on my Christmas wishlist. I find working in time blocks also helps me – I allot a task a certain amount of time, and when that time is up, I move onto the next. Ticking off my tasks gives me a huge amount of satisfaction and motivates me to procrastinate less (yes, I tend to procrastinate a lot).

Right about the time I resigned my husband began a massive project in Swaziland, meaning that sometimes, as head of the project, he’s out of the country from Monday to Friday. Could this have been more serendipitous timing? I think not. Having routines, and time with their parents, is so important to Oli and Sophie and having extra time (and a less stressed mommy) has helped them cope a little better with having Dyl away. I haven’t missed one school ‘moment’ since May and don’t for one minute take that for granted. There are constantly events, cricket practices, concerts and special days happening and my heart goes out to those parents who simply can’t be at them all. Remember when Sophie had to stay home from school for over six weeks? I was blessed to be able to look after her myself for those six long weeks, without having to beg, borrow and plead for the time off.

When I left my job at the end of April I thought I would solely be focusing on the party and writing side of my business. But, what branching out and being self-employed has taught me is that I have other talents that I had never thought of putting to use when I was a full-time employee. I have the most phenomenal client on a monthly social media retainer, and I can’t wait to grow this side of my business.

Is it ‘easy’ being self-employed? No. But it’s challenging, exciting, exhausting (I work 7 days a week, 365 days a year now, seriously) and it’s exactly what my family needs right now. I’m also so grateful that I can now get out and exercise most mornings with a friend of mine (she’s also self-employed) after we’ve finished the school run. We can start the day off on an endorphin high, and feeling positive. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is such a positive influence, I truly value this time I get to not only a) see a friend, b) exercise, but c) bounce ideas off, chat, brainstorm and regroup.

The biggest ‘pro’ however, is that in Winter I’m able to work from wherever I want, in this case, my bed, under a down duvet. We’re moving at the end of November to another home and I’m so excited to be able to set up a little office space where I can work from a designated little spot that I can call my work area.

So, if you’re looking for a bespoke party offering, some creative writing, community management or broader social media planning and execution for your business – let’s chat!



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