My Optiphi skincare journey continues…

One morning, at the end of April, I swabbed inside my mouth and had a courier collect my cheek swab sample for the Optiphi DNA Skin Test. Sounds scary, but I promise you, it isn’t – it’s completely non-evasive. The analysis is done in a laboratory and identifies your skin’s genetic needs and allows you to better understand your skin and what it’s likely to look like in the future, so that you can target and plan for those needs. How amazing? At the beginning of May I got a call and the report was sent to me, with my results and dispositions – in laments terms, my results were good, with only two medium concerns – for wrinkles, with volume loss and possible inflammation. Medium is good, phew, and I only had two of them. After discussing the results with the incredible Dr Samantha Baron (who has a PhD in Genetics) she suggested two products to help me on my skin journey.

Keep in mind these are not the only two products in my skin care regime by any means but have been added according to my results. The two products recommended were: Intense HA Serum and the Protecting Revitalizer. I’ve previously used, and loved the Intense Retinol Serum from Optiphi, but after using the Intense HA Serum for three months, I think I may possibly prefer the Retinol Serum. While the new formulation for the HA Serum is pretty incredible and was recommended for dehydration purposes, I prefer the Retinol-rich product over the Hyaluronic Acid and having a cream formulation as opposed to a thick, clear gel (personal preferences!). In saying that, the HA Serum delivers ‘intelligent hydration’ with intensifying hydration, re-plumping and volumizing properties and I could specifically feel the difference after applying it to my skin, especially over a stressful period where I found my skin parched and begging for extra hydration – it leaves the skin feeling plump, without feeling tacky to the touch. The Protecting Revitalizer is a lightweight cream formula and feels like an absolute dream going on. So, what’s their role in the grander scheme of skin regimes? To rejuvenate and protect skin against the effects of sun damage and photo-aging (still use your SPF ladies/gents!).

In addition to the suggested Intense HA Serum and Protecting Revitalizer I’ve added the Moisture Control Ultra and it’s probably the one product of theirs that I’m most excited by right now. It has a beautiful whipped texture and the smell’s reminiscent of coconut water to me (maybe it’s just me?), and just glides effortlessly over the skin, absorbing well. Although you are meant to use this twice a day, I have found it is very rich for my skin, so I’m only using it in the evenings. Even with once-a-day use, it still makes my skin feel incredibly soothed (especially after some proper exfoliation) and moisturised.

You can buy Optiphi products in selected salons and spa’s or online at Their packaging is totally glam, my only wish is that it wasn’t opaque so I could see how much product I have left (so I knew how long before a mourning period would start – I think product withdrawals is definitely a thing)!

Intense HA Serum – RRP R1444 for 30ml

Protecting Revitalizer – RRP R2085 for 40ml

Moisture Control Ultra – RRP R2007 for 40ml

Skin DNA Test – RRP R1495

Next up on my wishlist to try is the Optiphi Clarity Serum from their Classic range for pesky breakouts. I absolutely stand by this brand, a brand I feel still doesn’t get enough recognition for their incredible products, and I’ll continue to rave about their products I feel have a positive impact on my skin.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products as a gift and all thoughts are my own, based on my own results with them.


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