My favourite new find – Kiddylicious snacks!

A close friend who knows my battles with my fussy eater, Oli, dropped off a variety of Kiddylicious snacks for us to try. Oli is notoriously bad at willingly eating vegetables so I’m limited to basically three choices with him, which still need to be washed down with multiple cups of water.

Brand new to the South African market from the UK, these snacks have been such a hit in our home!

There are so many bonuses with these snacks, but here are just a few:

  1. Gluten FREE
  2. Preservative FREE
  3. Artificial Colourant FREE
  4. Milk FREE options (besides Oli’s favourite Cheese Straws)
  5. The packaging is so super cute that the kids were immediately drawn to them and battled to pick which one to sample first.

Oli’s favourite was the Cheese Straws, with the baked Mini Banana Coconut Rolls coming in a close second place, whilst Soph (my child who eats just about anything) literally couldn’t even pick which one she liked best, as she loved them all but the baked Mini Coconut Rolls (made with fresh coconut milk!) disappeared in a flash!

Besides all the goodness they pack, the range is genuinely tasty – with Oli proclaiming them to be ‘yummy!’ – believe me, if he can attest to that, they’ll be a winner with anyone! These guilt-free healthy treats are going to become a staple in my kids’ lunch boxes.

The range consists of the following varieties:

Rice Wafers: These wafers come in Blueberry and Strawberry flavours – perfect for teething babies of 6 months up and toddlers. Better still, these delicious little hand – sized wafers are crumb free!

Veggie and Cheese Straws: The perfect Veggie or Cheese flavoured snack from 9 months up – *disclaimer, I’m nearly 33 and I loved them! These are free from both nuts and eggs too!

Fruit Wriggles: There are two delicious flavours – Strawberry and Apple to choose from, and they’re suitable from 9 months up. These are high in natural fibre and naturally low in fat – a great snack for any time of the day.

Coconut Rolls: Suitable from 1 year up, these baked, crunchy treats come in Coconut and Banana Coconut flavour. Milk free, they’re made from fresh coconut milk.

Both fun, and tasty, these treats are perfect for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers (or hungry Momma’s like me!). The range can be found in Baby City and selected Clicks stores.

This post is in no way sponsored, I honestly was just blown away by the delicious options available and my children’s eagerness to eat them! The range definitely lives up to its slogan “Kiddylicious, it’s delicious” and is so wildly popular in more than 27 countries that three Kiddylicious snacks are enjoyed EVERY SECOND around the world! All I’m going to say is, “You’re welcome!”.

For more information on the brand or range, find them on Facebook here, call on 011 792 3637 or email them on:



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  1. You had my sold on these when I read that it is free of gluten, preservatives and artificial colourants. It’s difficult to find healthy lunch box and these will make a great option.

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