Musical Beds

If you’ve followed me forever and a day, you might remember this post, so I thought I’d do a little update on our sleeping situation at home – with the kids aged now 7 and 4 ½. No surprise with the heading of this blog post, it’s musical beds in our home, except even when the music is off, they’re still moving.

Things go swimmingly until a bout of nightmares (Oli has a recurring dream about a jaguar eating his beloved Brooklyn and Bella – our dogs), flu (Sophie needing to wake me up three times a night armed with Sterimar Nasal Spray so in the end she just climbs on in), any anxieties (hello – a brand new school for Oli pop), or, loadshedding. Loadshedding? It’s not the kids that it affects the most, it’s my poor husband. He finds our room far too hot on a good day, let alone a day without a working aircon or fan, so he ends up suffering through the night, okay so ‘suffer’ is a little tongue-in-cheek, it’s a comfy Coricraft couch, but he can then sleep right next to the open sliding doors in the hopes of catching a slight breeze. Truth be told, he also suffers from the most insane insomnia, so he ends up falling asleep around 3am most nights on the couch after watching hours of series, pranks, sports highlights or just listening to music. Although, after a lengthy consult with our doctor the other day, things are looking up and he’s finally getting some proper shut eye.

After Buggy broke her arm in August last year, she refused to sleep anywhere else but in our bed with me, which of course means Bella was banished (slight jealousy problem on her behalf). Once she was operated on (Buggy, not Bella) and the pins were taken out, like muscle memory she went straight back to sleeping through the night in her room – YAY!

Oli, bless him, has been sleeping fine for the most part (besides me repeatedly ‘busting’ him drawing by torch light waaaay past his bedtime), until about three weeks ago. We know he’s a sensitive soul. He’s a deep thinker. He over analyses everything and while lying in bed at night that’s where he does most of his thinking. Right now, he doesn’t want to go to bed without Dyl or I lying with him, and he only wants to sleep in our bed. When I went through the other night to bed and found him snuggled up in the middle of the king-sized bed I asked him why he was there.

Me: Oli, why aren’t you sleeping in your bed, big boy?

Oli: Oh, Mommy, I just love you so, so, so much!

Me: Baby, we love you too, but look, Buggy loves us so much and she’s in her bed sleeping!

Oli: Hmm. Okay. I just don’t want to be alone. I’m feeling lonely and anxious.

After a long discussion about three hours after his actual bedtime, he told me how nervous he was about starting a new school again, trying to make new friends and what the new school year will be like. Oli’s so much like me in this regard. He thrives on routine and knowing what’s coming, and when, so he can mentally and emotionally prepare himself for it. Thus, we have a co-sleeping, sleep talking, starfish in our bed.

Let alone the musical beds, these kids and their early mornings! Hmph. Holidays or no holidays these kids have been waking up at the crack of bloody dawn! 5am. Sophie actually woke up at 4am the other day to beat her brother to a turn on the iPad (stricter iPad rules have now been reinforced). Why is it that kids hate the idea of a nap or a good old lie in until they become teenagers and then adults? One wish I have for this year is block out curtains in ALL the bedrooms, please tell me it helps? While they can mostly fend for themselves in the ungodly hours of the morning with a self-service consisting of yogurt, fruit and juice, they still make a flipping racket! Sophie also has a habit of coming to ‘check on me’ fifty-nine-hundred times for which each time I must feign sleep to relish my bed just a little bit longer.

So, for now, we’re scattered across the lounge, bedroom (the main one mostly) with the kids and dogs choosing where they sleep each night like they select a doughnut at Krispy Kreme (often a long deliberated process, but they’re always happy with their selection at the end). Really? I don’t care. As long as we all sleep. One day when they’re big they’re going to be kicking me out of their beds to get these moments back!

One day, I’ll look at this picture wishing this child was still kicking me in the ribs. One day, Oli will look at this picture and possibly kill me for taking a picture of him drooling while he slept.

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