Meet: Sam and Tam

It’s been ages since the last Mommalikeyou feature, so I’ve decided to resurrect the series with the fabulous ladies behind Pink Dust Events – Sam and Tam! This fabulous Mompreneur duo are revolutionising ‘Ladies Night Off’ in their midnight hours – let’s meet the Mommas!


Samantha Lopes

Tam Lobban

Where do you live:

S: Fourways

T: Dainfern


S: 33 years old

T: 32 years old


S: Yes, 1, Girl – Paige Madison Lopes (3 Years old)

T: Mia (3 years old)

Where can we find you on social media:

Blog or website:

Instagram: @pinkdustevents

Twitter: #yournightoff

Facebook page: Pink Dust Events

Tell us a bit about what it was like to become a mom for you?

S: I really don’t think there is anything that can fully prepare a woman for becoming a mother. No amount of reading, research, observation or discussion with women who are already mothers can properly prepare you for becoming a momma. The immense joy, coupled with the lows, the level of physical and emotional stress and strain of becoming a mommy. I love being a mommy to my daughter, Paige, but is it hard? Hell yes! Being a full time working momma, I am constantly bashing myself and feeling guilty that I haven’t spent enough time with Paige because she is at school full day or that I have had to ask a friend or family member to collect her because I had to work overtime. Sometimes I just wish I had a few extra hours in the day to spend with this cool little person. As hard as being a mom can be sometimes, it’s the most rewarding and satisfying job in the world. She is my entire world rolled up into one little person.

T: Being a mom has been the most incredible, but also the most difficult, job I have ever been given but I wouldn’t change a single cuddle or tantrum for anything in the world. Mia is the light of my life and fills my heart with happiness I only thought existed in movies.


What were your pregnancies like?

S: One word – incredible. I was blessed. I had no complications during the 9 months that I carried Paige. I never experienced any morning sickness, swelling, heartburn…nothing really. I was lucky enough to give natural birth at the Linkwood Birthing Clinic and walked out 2 days later with a beautiful baby girl. After hearing what some women go through during their pregnancies and birth, I really was fortunate to have such an easy, happy, healthy experience.

T: I had a really good, uncomplicated, pregnancy and enjoyed my growing belly to the max. And boy, did it grow. I picked up a ridiculous amount of weight and just when I thought my bump (mountain) could not get any bigger, it did. It was no surprise to us then, when Mia was born at 4.2kg! I loved feeling my belly jiggle and dance as my baby grew within. The best nine months of my life which have been followed by the best three years thereafter.

When you’re not being momma’s, what do you do?

S: I think as a momma – you are always on your toes and busy. When I am not working my normal full day job as a PA, I am either planning events for Pink Dust or spending quality time with my hubby. We also really enjoy family camping trips to get away from busy city life.

T: I teach Geography and English full time at Bryanston High School. Bryanston is like my second home and the people there, my second family as I have been teaching there for the last ten years.

What is Pink Dust Events about and how did you come up with the idea for it?

S: Funny story…I was actually working late one Friday and asked Tam if she wouldn’t mind picking up Paige when she collected Mia from school. She kindly took the girls to a restaurant to play and I met them there a few hours later to fetch Paige. Tam and I kept saying how lovely it was to get together and that we always promise to do it more often, and yet with time constraints we never do. We jokingly said “what we wouldn’t give for just ONE night off” and Pink Dust was born!

Any milestones for Pink Dust Events yet?

S: The launch, on 20 June is a HUGE milestone for us. We have worked really hard over the past few weeks to make sure that this will be a night that ladies will not forget. We have honestly put our hearts and souls into this project and are excited about what the future holds for Pink Dust.

T: There have been a few… Having restaurants and suppliers come on board so easily and believing in our concept. Having a partner that is so like me, and just gets my vision and goals.

What advice would you share with anyone wanting to start a business?

S: Don’t underestimate how much time it takes to start your own business. Plan well in advance and work smartly. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and help – you’ll be surprised how many good people are out there to help you along your way.

T: DO IT! And do it NOW! I spent too long on the side-lines wanting to make changes and go after my dreams as I have always been too scared to take the risk.

What’s in store for Pink Dust Events?

S: Well, we have our launch in June followed by a really exciting event already planned for July. We are pledging a portion of every ticket sold towards Children with Rare Diseases Foundation, in support of Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday (in July).  We have another incredible restaurant booked, together with some amazing sponsors, so it’s bound to be another incredible evening.

T: So much awesomeness. We have huge ideas and really believe we can achieve our goals. We want every woman to leave our events feeling celebrated, beautiful and worthy.

What do you do to take time for yourself, away from the girls, your jobs and the new business?

S: Although rather seldom, I thoroughly enjoy a day at the spa with my Mom. We put our phones off, shut off the outside world and really unwind and relax. Not something us momma’s do often enough for ourselves.

T: A nice hot shower, a cup of tea and a bit of reading – let’s be real, there is little time available!

As moms of girls, what’s in your handbag?

S: More like ‘what’s not in my handbag’ – from spare hair elastics, to dental floss to mints to cell phone chargers, my handbag resembles that of Mary Poppins. You never know what you might find in there.

T: Wet wipes, a book, a lipstick, a red pen and probably one of Mia’s accessories or hair clips/ties.

Best thing about mommahood?

S: The unconditional love of a child. Those big innocent eyes looking up at you and knowing that you are their everything.

T: The best thing about being a mommy is having a little doll to dress and converse with, cuddle and kiss.

What are the kids into playing with right now?

S: Her baby doll and Pram. Puzzles and arts and crafts. As well as any Frozen dress up outfits.

T: Mia LOVES being a mommy to her babies and building puzzles. She enjoys colouring-in and her latest thing is cutting paper. Let’s hope it stays that way and she doesn’t start to think she is a hairdresser.

Thank you to these beautiful Mommas for sharing a little of their story with us – be sure to follow them on social media and book your ticket to their first event now, tickets are flying!

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