It’s a rite of passage.

For all my followers that follow me on Instagram, you’ll know what I’m talking about. A certain ‘rite of passage’ that took place last week Thursday evening while I was having a bath. We have scissors in multiple craft boxes the kids can access, they practice cutting lines, cutting out pictures and building creations with them – I’ve never kept them out of reach. My four year old was born with a full head of hair and it’s her pride and joy – she loves having ‘long yellow Rapunzel hair’ and having it done, so why the sudden fascination to hack at it with a pair of scissors – I wish I knew!

Her hair had been freshly plaited after a visit to my friend Jax that afternoon, so I didn’t immediately notice it. She’s never had a fringe before, her hair has been long enough to be out of her face for years. I didn’t notice it when she came to jump into the bath. I didn’t notice it when I dressed her into pj’s. But boy did I notice it when we stepped into the brightly lit lounge. Cue the tears as soon as I asked her what had happened and when she figured out we couldn’t ‘put it back’ onto her head. After much interrogation all I got out of her was that she wasn’t too sure why she had cut her hair (I also found the clump of hair and scissors hidden behind the couch). Hair. It can grow back, right?! Oli never cut his hair, and hopefully at almost seven, he won’t. Although, with boys you can just shave their hair I suppose and rock a buzz cut for a few weeks.

A friend of mine immediately commiserated and assured me this was merely ‘a rite of passage’ and it wasn’t as bad as her own daughter’s foray into hairdressing. Another friend messaged saying ‘oh gosh, let’s hope the modelling place doesn’t call tomorrow.’. Shit, I hadn’t even thought of that. You see, last week Soph was photographed for her Z card and signed to an agency, as a beautiful little long-haired blonde. Right then, she was a beautiful blonde-haired girl rocking the zeffest of cuts.  Yes, her immediate doppelganger in my mind was none other than Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord. I wonder what her agent would think. Bangs it would have to be.

I called Chop It at Lifestyle first thing in the morning and booked her a hair appointment with Gugu, who we’ve been seeing since Oli was 8 months old. While brushing her hair in the morning, I noticed the damage was worse than I had originally seen – she’d given herself an undercut too. Gosh this child knows all the hair trends it appears. As we walked in, she looked at Soph with a knowing look in her eyes. I didn’t have to explain – all she said was, she had fixed two of ‘these’ yesterday. See, rite of passage I tell you! All the while more and more messages were popping up in my DM’s on Instagram of mothers commiserating with me, some having fixed the problem the same day as Soph’s rash hair-chopping incident.

Thank goodness this child could rock a paper bag over her head – my forehead and face isn’t as forgiving with a fringe – and she walked out of the salon a whole new little girl, equally as beautiful, with a new set of bangs. Have your kids ever cut their own hair before? I’d love to hear your stories! Let’s hope this is the last scissor-incident.



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