Hyto Tyto – a kids haven!

You know I love to bring you the best child-friendly places to visit and things to do with the kids, well, we finally got around to going to Hyto Tyto Kid’s Play & Eatery in Midstream and boy oh boy was it worth the wait, and the drive! We kept the outing a surprise for the kids (or they ask us every two minutes about said outing), and the look on their faces as we stepped foot into the venue was priceless.

Being a Saturday, we were charged R110.00 a child, and adults enter is free. Monday’s the venue is closed, and Tuesday to Thursday kids are charged R75.00 for entrance. This entrance fee is for kids aged 2 – 13 and entitles you to stay and play in the park for the WHOLE day! For more information on opening and closing times, have a look here (http://www.hytotyto.co.za/).

We arrived shortly after opening time and managed to find a table quite easily, but noticed how quickly it fills up! We opted to eat indoors with the kids exploring the indoor play area – Tyto Hide – first. They ran off long before they even placed their breakfast orders and were shooting down the slides onto the play mats encouraged by helpful and smiling childminders, before they were up the stairs for their next turn. Oli was obsessed with the multi-story, fully netted, area and even offered his sister a ‘tour’ after her little legs got tired of the stairs, he was so au fait with the venue.

After a short break to shovel down pizza and a full-on brekkie for the tour guide, they were off again and we enjoyed our delicious cappuccinos, cookies and our own tasty breakfasts. Deli counters are filled with delectable rainbow cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cakes – I’ll be back to sample! Finally, ready for the next part of the venue, we headed outdoors (cue the shrieks) as they spotted a train, zipline, the biggest jumping pillow they’ve ever seen, a mud kitchen, fairy garden, multiple slides, bridges, a petrol station, roundabout, BMX bike track and go-karts. It was literally a sensory explosion, and each kid ran off in a different direction (Sophie to the fairy garden, and Oli to the go-kart track). Dyl and I looked at each other with a knowing look that getting them away from this outing would not be a quick or simple exit. We did a couple of laps on the Hyto Tyto Express, a couple hundred laps on the go-kart track, several walks on the sensory path through the fairy garden and lots of splashing and cooling off in the stream.

Quite simply put, this place is an absolute haven for children. There is hours of fun to be had (after three hours, and some rainbow slush puppies we finally convinced the kids it was home time) – and it’s worth every cent. I noticed multiple parties happening while we were there, so if you’re looking for a venue that has it all – this is it – although there are restrictions (my first question to the manager on duty, as a party planner, of course – i.e. no candy station, there’s a venue hire fee and a per child fee).

Mom’s and Dad’s, if you haven’t made the trip to Hyto Tyto yet, what are you waiting for, it is absolutely incredible!!

Find them on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/hytotyto/, and Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/hytotyto/.