How to use Zoflora products safely in your home!

You all know I’m crazy about Zoflora and love using it throughout my home, but I just wanted to make sure if you’re going to be using it, that you use it correctly! First up, read the packaging, Zoflora is super easy to use, but needs to be used correctly, it is after all super effective because of its strength and you need to be mindful when using a cleaning product (any product in fact!).

Here are some pointers for you when ‘Killing Germs Beautifully’:


If I mop with Zoflora in my bucket, my dogs are outside until the floors are dry. If I clean down surfaces in the kitchen / bathroom I ideally try and do it at night when the kids are in bed. I spray diluted Zoflora onto my microfiber cloth and then wipe down door handles, light switches and anything that is electronic is unplugged FIRST. Do not mix cleaning products (e.g bleach and Zoflora, Handy Andy with Zoflora etc.), this should be common sense but if it’s not, remember cleaning products are (if not a natural product) made up of some pretty powerful chemicals and should be treated accordingly. It should be kept out of reach of both children and pets (I keep mine in a high cupboard in our scullery). Zoflora has a range more suitable to pet owners – Fresh Home range – both an odour eliminator and disinfectant. Still beautifully fragranced but this product has been devised to be gentle on your pets sensitive noses. I am the only person in our home that cleans with Zoflora but if you have someone who helps you with your home, make sure you educate them on the correct usage etc.

Download the Zoflora South Africa free safety printable here (How to use Zoflora Products safely) for future reference! For more tips on where to use Zoflora in your home, have a look here! Order your Zoflora now on and see what all the fuss is about!

*Mommalikeme me is a brand ambassador for Zoflora South Africa

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