How to clean your house – and stay sane while doing it!

If you’re not used to cleaning your home yourself, daily, the prospect can be completely overwhelming. Those who are blessed to have help around the house are probably ready to have a minor freak out round about now.

I do all the cleaning at home, besides for the ironing. It’s my nemesis. But after all this is over, I’m going to get the best steam iron I can find. I’m pretty good about my cleaning routine by now. I do little and often, something that I can absolutely attest to working, and it leaves me feeling less overwhelmed than if I tried to clean the entire house in one day.

Another thing to keep in mind, these are completely different times right now. Usually I get on with the cleaning while the kids are at school and Dyl is at work. Now I need to try and clean around everyone. Although, silver-lining, Oli and Soph have discovered their love for vacuuming – Oli handling the bigger Karcher one and Sophie does the Black + Decker Dust Buster (it’s light, cordless and easy for her to manage). Oli is also a gem with helping me take the washing off the line, and I’ve found I’ve delegated more tasks around the house to them now, of their choosing. This is all age appropriate obviously, but they’re having such fun getting involved. Usually, I wouldn’t mop the floor every single day, but as I said, different times – so for now, while we’re battling this pandemic, it’s on my daily list.

I’ve split up the tasks into daily, midweek, weekly and bi-weekly (all for while we’re in this lockdown period) and I hope this helps you feel less anxious and in control of one thing! Ticking things off my list at the end of the day gives me such a sense of accomplishment too, whilst holding me accountable (as much as possible).

Put on some fab music (something upbeat to keep the momentum going) or stick on an audio book or podcast (I choose music) and get to it.

Another tip that helps me manage it all – set a timer – when the timer goes off, move onto another task. The time pressure helps me get through it and, if I’m not done, it’ll wait another day, or I may come back to at the end of the clean if I have the time (and the energy).

This is a guide, adapt it as you need to and remember what works for one might not work for another. We wash all our towels every two or three days, some people wash every day, some wash less. It’s up to you. Hope it helps!

Download blank checklists here:

Daily daily blank

Midweek midweek blank

Weekly weekly blank

Bi-Weekly bi-weekly blank pdf




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