{Holiday fun} Head on over to Cradlestone Mall to discover the Dinosaurs of The Lost World!

Are you looking for something fun to do with the kids during the long school holidays? Cradlestone Mall, in conjunction with the cinema release of Jurassic World 3, has set up the most incredible collection of prehistoric creatures throughout the mall for your entertainment, and what’s more, the exhibition and activities are totally free of charge!

We took the kids to the see the exhibition on Sunday morning and the shrieks that erupted as we drove into the open parking were nothing short of roar-some as they spotted the massive roaring T-Rex dinosaur display in the open parking.

The mall has a fantastic variety of dinosaur themed activities with 24 life-like animatronic dinosaurs that roar, blink, and move all set out throughout the courts and walkways. Want to know where to find the dinosaurs? Here you go!

From the animatronic dinosaurs to live augmented reality, dinosaur rides and selfies inside dino eggs, Oli and Soph were utterly captivated for well over the hour that we were there and they could have happily spent the rest of the day gazing up at the life-like creatures. Each display has an informative description of the species so there’s wonderful educational aspects to it too. There are hands on activities, including fossil digging, touch and feel displays, an interactive playgym, online tablet games, dino face painting and even colouring-in tables. The highlight for my kids was definitely the dinosaur ride they waited so patiently for, and the ginormous inflatable T-Rex they got to climb up onto and slide down through the dinosaur’s mouth, it’s by the Woolworths court.


The Dinosaurs of the Lost World are on display from 23 June – 15 July and open daily from 10h00 – 17h00. Be sure not to miss out on this amazing fun-filled adventure with your kids, head over to Cradlestone Mall now, it is so worth the trip!

For further details visit Cradlestone Mall’s Facebook page and www.cradlestonemall.co.za.



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