{HERE’S HOW YOU CAN WIN A BROW MAKEOVER WORTH R1850} Debunking the myths surrounding Microblading

There are so many misconceptions surrounding the microblading procedure, I’m going to clear some of them up! For those of you that are considering it, I hope this puts your mind at ease.

Debunking the myths:

  • You need to shave your eyebrows when microblading. False.

You absolutely do not need to do this, in fact, a technician should appreciate the importance of each and every brow hair. Microblading adds natural hair like strokes in between your existing brow hair to make them appear fuller and thicker. The texture of your own brow hair makes it even more natural looking as well and allows the technician to follow the natural hair pattern of the eyebrows.

  • Your hair will stop growing. False.

Microblading, as mentioned above, fills in hair strokes in between your natural hair to give a fuller and thicker appearance. One will always need to maintain and neaten up the hair that continues to grow underneath the shape of the eyebrow that is created. A tattoo can never stunt the growth of the hair as it has nothing to do with the hair follicle that is in charge of hair growth.

  •  Once you’ve done it, it’s with you for life. False.

Although Microblading is considered permanent, it will fade over time. Several factors depend on how well your body responds to the particular procedure, and touch ups will be required. Colour duration depends on your skin type. If you have an oilier skin, you will be required to go for a touch up sooner compared to someone with a normal skin type.

(Please see point below for more clarification.)

  • Microblading is semi-permanent. False.

Microblading is considered a cosmetic tattoo. After numbing the area with topical cream, the technician will create hair like strokes using a manual hand tool and depositing small amounts of pigment into the upper layer of the skin (Epidermis). This helps sparse or patchy eyebrows appear fuller and thicker. A review of basic skin anatomy and physiology revealed that pigment in the skin fades over time as the skin naturally exfoliates but this does not mean the process is semi-permanent. Traditional tattoos, implant ink into the deeper layers of the skin (Dermis). If particles don’t reach the dermis of the skin they will disappear over time during the healing phase of the skin during normal regeneration of the cells in the epidermal layer. It is difficult to predict how much the pigment will fade and the degree to which it will as certain medical conditions, medication, sun exposure and body chemicals, aftercare and sweating all play a vital role.

  • By microblading you’ll get a solid tattoo line. False

Although possible if you go to some fly-by-night technician, microblading mimics the individual hair strokes, there’s nothing solid about it. It uses a “blade” which is a grouping or configuration of needles affixed to a hand like tool to manually create lines that resembles the eyebrow hair. This is known as the manual technique versus a tattoo gun.

  • Microblading lasts longer or the same duration as permanent eyebrows or shaded eyebrows. False.

Microblading implants a smaller amount of pigment into the skin compared to a fully or solid filled eyebrow.

  • Microblading is extremely painful. False.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m an absolute wimp and have a low pain threshold, and if I can rate it on a scale of 2/3 out of 10, you’ll be just fine! Plus, you will have numbing cream applied for twenty minutes before the procedure even begins, and is reapplied throughout.

  • Touch ups are not required. False.

Although some may fade up to 60% after the initial procedure, some people retain extremely well and it almost seems as if a touch up is not required. Touch ups are there to fine tweak and adjust the shape if required, touch up the odd stroke here or there that may have not retained as well as others and to ensure one gets longevity out of the procedure. Even if retention is great, if a touch up is not done within the specified time, fading will occur a lot sooner. In the initial procedure, the body rejects a lot of pigment as it sees the pigment as a foreign body. After the touch up, it recognizes the pigment and retains a lot more of it.

  • Unrealistic expectations of the procedure will result in unrealistic results. True.

Don’t arrive with zero brows expecting to walk out looking like Cara Delavigne or Lily Collins. Depending on your therapist this is possible however, the result would not be a natural-looking one. Facial asymmetry, facial muscles and the amount of natural hair on the brow area, all play an important role in your final result. One must also bear in mind that although we are trying to create perfectly symmetric brows, no one’s face or body is completely symmetrical naturally. Eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

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*Disclaimer – I received this treatment in return for my views on the procedure by DGA but all views are my own.

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  1. This looks really awesome, and sounds it too. I caught your live video and am definitely considering it! Thanks for all the valuable information! x

  2. My eyebrows have a will of their own, sometimes the grow straight out. I would so enjoy having managble eyebrows.

  3. I’m light skinned with fair hair as well, so my eye brows disappear entirely. We were actually discussing microblading yesterday, and Ive decided that is definitely something that I should consider. I think it would surely make a difference to my overall appearance.

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