Halloween sensory fun!

We had such fun creating a spooky sensory bin yesterday afternoon – the kids played for ages picking up the various objects out of the coloured water beads according to the ‘can you find it’ instructions I designed for them.

This is the first of the Halloween series that I’ll be featuring on Mommalike over the course of October.  We kicked off Halloween season with a fabulous sensory bin filled with a variety of Halloween themed objects – eyeballs, bats, flies, fingers, centipedes and spiders.  I designed a ‘can you find it’ set of instructions that were age appropriate and printed this out to guide them as they delved into the water beads.  We used smallish metal tongs for this – great for fine motor development and the pincer grasp helps strengthen the hand muscles for writing.

Halloween - Can you find pic


What you’ll need for this activity:

Water beads

Food colouring (I added orange into the water)


A large container for the beads to swell in overnight or a few hours

Pair of tongs

Halloween themed toys

Bowl/tray to put the objects onto once they’ve been found

Can you find it instructions according to what objects you wish to ‘hide’

I mixed orange food colouring into water in a large, clear container and added the water beads, leaving them overnight to swell. Once the water beads had swollen up, I hid all the little objects I got (bought the water beads and the Halloween themed stuff all very cheaply at Party Spot) amongst the beads and the kids set about finding all their objects.






The kids had such fun with this activity – I suggest doing it outdoors – not because it’s messy, but because if your kids are anything like mine, once they had completed their ‘can you find it’ list, those little water beads went bouncing all over!  Water beads are non-toxic and can be reused if dried, BUT, please supervise your children with them at all times – smaller children have been known to swallow these or stick them in their ears which could be hazardous.







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