Easy Preschool Halloween Arts and Crafts

It’s time for some SPOOK-tacular Halloween arts and crafts!  In this post I’ll show you how to make some cute footprint ghosts, toilet roll stamp spiders, and bat silhouettes with paint splatter from a toothbrush.

Footprint Googly Ghosts

These googly-eyed ghosts are cute more than ghoulish, and Oli and Soph had great fun making ghosts out of their footprints.  This is definitely a good craft for younger children.

What you will need:

White craft paint

Googly eyes

Glue for the eyes and mouths

Black cardboard

Star stickers

Black mouths (I just cut some out of extra black card)

Tray or paper plate for the paint (they will need to put their feet into this)

I added a couple of dollops of white paint onto a plastic tray and the kids stepped into the paint with their feet.  They stamped their ghostly shapes onto the black cardboard, and once dried, they decorated their pictures with extra stars, googly eyes and stuck a mouth  onto their ghosts to finish them off.  A super quick and easy art project!


ghosts finished

Toilet roll Spider Stamps

I always keep the empty toilet rolls – there are so many fantastic crafts to do with them – this is just one to try!

What you will need:

Toilet roll (I just used one per child)

Black paint

Pair of scissors

Googly eyes (Oli came up with a genius idea to use a punch, white paper and a black marker pen to make his own eyes – using a punch is great for fine motor development)


Cardboard or paper

Paper or plastic plate/bowl for paint



Begin by cutting four slits on each side of the toilet roll (I did the cutting) and cut out some extra so that when the slits are bent they look equal and ‘leg-like’. I squirted some black craft paint onto a plastic bowl and the kids began stamping! Soph repeatedly stamped her picture so there weren’t too many identifiable spiders, but had a ball doing it. They glued on some googly and homemade eyes into the middle of the spider, and there you have it – simple stamped spiders! Similar stamps could be made to look like fireworks if you want to do some Guy Fawkes crafts next month!

spiders finished

Bat silhouettes

This was Oli’s favourite of the three crafts, perhaps because he’s a few years older than Soph and it required a little more skill.


What you will need:

Bat stencil or shape (I printed out a bat shape onto paper and cut it out)

Small amount of Prestik to stick the stencils onto the card while they flick paint

Black cardboard or paper

Yellow, orange, red paint

Old toothbrush, disinfected (I just bout two cheapy brushes)

Paper or plastic plate/bowl for paint

Warning – this is going to be a messy craft, so let the kids wear aprons, old t-shirts, or weather permitting, be shirtless.  Might be better to do in the warmer weather too, if you want to do this outside to avoid the mess!  Be sure to cover the work surface with a plastic tablecloth or newspaper.

The kids placed their bat stencils onto their cardboard where they wanted them and began dipping their toothbrushes into the paints.  Running their fingers through the bristles (bristles facing down towards the stencils), they flicked and splattered the paint onto their cardboard.  Soph didn’t quite grasp the technique so started off just painting with the toothbrush, which then became finger painting, which in turn became her entire hand!  She had so much fun! Once they had filled most of their picture, we lifted up the stencils to reveal some awesome bat silhouettes, well, on Oli’s picture anyway. Soph had, by this time, added so much paint her stencil was literally glued to the cardboard that we couldn’t even get it off, you’ll see her attempt in the finished picture down below!


bats finished

These crafts used everyday household items, so hang onto empty toilet rolls and old toothbrushes – the possibilities are endless – have fun!





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  1. These are so much fun! Love all the ideas especially the spiders with the rolls- how creative. The ghosts are precious too.

  2. These are so much fun! Love all the ideas especially the spiders with the rolls- how creative. The ghosts are precious too.

  3. These are awesome! I’ve done the first two, but your spiders came out WAY better than ours did lol! I didn’t think it would be too difficult to cut the toilet paper rolls but they were not even at all haha! Good job Mama!

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