{Giveaway} DC superhero toys and puzzles – great for little fans!

We love imagination play in our home – it’s the most wonderful way for the children to express themselves and we encourage it with every chance we get. We received the latest DC Superheroes range from Prima Toys the other day which had my two all kinds of excited. This range is made up of both toys, puzzles, games as well as apparel, Oli already has a Mini Stretch Batman, which he adores, but what got them totally amped up was the brilliant new dress up range they’ve launched.

Prima Toys now brings the DC world into our homes for little fans, with a range of amazing toys that include all their favourite DC characters, both super heroes and villains. From the Justice league with Superman, Batman, The Flash, Supergirl and Wonder Woman all fighting for good, to anti-hero and ex-supervillain Harley Quinn also featuring in the range together with Poison Ivy and Cat Woman. There’s something for everyone!

Oli and Soph love dressing up and using role-play to explore and create. From their latest range, we received The Flash and Supergirl costumes, which had them in hysterics as they dashed (or Flashed) around the house and garden, they even created their own secret lairs which we weren’t allowed to know where they were, they were super heroes after all! This had them busy for hours on end. Nothing structured, or planned out, just good imaginative play!

The costumes are really great quality. They’re easy enough to get on that both kids could dress themselves, to surprise Mommy of course by coming to great me as fully fledged super heroes! They’re available in three different sizes for children aged three to six years of age. Oli’s favourite part of The Flash costume was the brilliant mask that came with it. Putting that on helped him slip into The Flash mode! The Classic Costume is full length with additions of shoe tops, and the mask, whereas the Supergirl costume (Party Time Costume) Soph wore is definitely better for smaller children who might not want to be covered from head to toe.

One thing Oli’s teacher has encouraged him to work on this year is building puzzles. I have never been one to love puzzles, but try and encourage mine to attempt them whenever they can. Building a puzzle helps children develop small muscle movements and dexterity in their hands and fingers. Playing with puzzles encourages children to learn to make their eyes and hands work together simultaneously, whilst finding the right piece, while developing fine motor skills and working on problem solving! These fabulous Justice League puzzles had Oli eager to quietly sit down and face the task at hand – thank you, Prima Toys!

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t generally follow any of the hype around Super Heroes (I know, I know!), but both my kids could identify each of the Heroes as soon as they saw them. The new range comprises of dress up apparel (classic costumes and party time costumes), to puzzles, games, Mini Toddler dolls for girls, Justice League Ooshies, Justice League Mash’ems and Mini Stretch Justice league figurines.

With Christmas just around the corner, here are just some of the latest toys from DC comics to make for a “Super” Christmas morning.

  1. Classic Costumes – Save the day with classic costumes of all your favourite superheroes. Each costume comes in small, medium and large for the perfect fit! RSP: R499.99 available at toy stores and retailers.
  2. Party Time Costumes – Flex some muscle power DC Comics style with DC Party time costumes! These shirts and assorted head bands and masks provide the opportunity for children to play as their favourite superhero. Costumes are available in sizes 3 to 6 years. RSP: R169.99 available at toy stores and retailers.
  3. Mini Toddler dolls – A fabulous stocking filler idea! Created specifically for girls, there is the new mini toddler doll range. These miniature DC Super Hero figurines stand 7,5cm tall. They are super cute and great for any fan to unleash their inner Hero! There are 6 DC Super Hero girls’ collectible figures in the collection, including Bumble Bee, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Super Girl. The toys are ideal for younger ages and retail for RSP: R89.99 they are available at toy stores and retailers countrywide.
  4. Justice League Ooshies – Collect all of your favourite Justice League heroes including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash as Ooshie pencil toppers. There are 40 to collect including villains Joker, Lex Luther and Bane. Look out for special edition glow in the dark, metallic, translucent and gold plated Ooshies. For ages five plus. RSP: R49.99 available at toy stores and retailers.
  5. Justice League Mash’ems – For kids who enjoy toys that are squishy and squashy platy, the Mash’ems are perfect! Mash-ems are assorted squishy collectible characters that will keep boys and girls entertained for hours. Ideal for ages three years and up. RSP: R69.99 available at toy stores and retailers.
  6. Mini Stretch Justice league figurines – Mini Stretch Justice League Figures are just some of the fantastic toys available in the Stretch range. Each toy can stretch up to 5 times its original size, it then slowly shapes back, ready to be pulled and twisted all over again. RSP: R199.99 available at toy stores and retailers.


Welcome to the world of DC comics! Want to be a part of it? Head over to the Mommalikeme Facebook page to WIN a DC comics animated memory match game (it retails for RSP: R99.99). It’s perfect to keep their little minds sharp and focussed during these long December holidays! The DC Comics Animated memory Match Game is ideal for ages 3 plus and can be played with 2 or more players. The game features Wonder Woman, The Flash, Superman and more. How to enter: Name one of the DC Heroes on the box and tag a friend whose child would love this game too. Multiple entries allowed. Sharing and Entering on the Instagram post will entitle you to extra entries. Remember, for a valid entry you need to have liked and be following Mommalikeme on Facebook and Instagram. Have you also subscribed on the blog? The winner will be announced on Friday 14 December on the Mommalikeme Facebook page. Standard T’s & C’s apply.










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  1. Awesome Giveaway ❣️❣️❣️ My little boy wants one of the stretchy super heroes but after Black Friday we found that the shops were all sold out

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