{Featured Party} A Harry Potter Party for Riya!

Remember those gorgeous cake pops my friend Jaysheela made for Soph’s party? Well, this fabulous Momma also loves doing parties like I do and I just had to feature this phenomenal party she threw for her daughter. If you’ve done a party for your child you’d like featured, send through your submissions to mommalikeme@yahoo.com and you might just be featured!

My daughter, Riya, turned 10 in March and her dad and I decided that since she’s entering the double digits, we’d have a special party for her. So, along with a very excited Riya, we began planning. Firstly, we needed a theme. Riya is a huge Harry Potter fan, so that was easy. With the help of Pinterest, I began looking for ideas over the course of a few months. I quickly realised that there was so much I could do with this awesome theme.

I really wanted to hand deliver the invitations, so together with an acceptance letter into Hogwarts School and a ticket for the Hogwarts express, I had Hedwig “deliver” the invitations. For the little ones I drew an owl on a balloon and for the bigger kids, there was a cut-out drawing of an owl. I used wax to seal the scroll.

Then it was time to start making a few things for the party. I wanted to get my daughter involved as well, so we made:

Wands (made with chopsticks, glue and paint), quill pens (using feathers attached to the nibs), and golden snitch bouncy balls (I bought bouncy balls from the Crazy Store, sprayed them gold and attached the wings (tracing paper cut into the shape), which worked well).

The four houses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff needed to be incorporated so I painted the house colours on small canvases and displayed them on the candy table.

The 9 ¾ wall was sourced from a friend of friend and this worked well as a prop at the venue.

I thought it would be cool if everyone had a Wizard name, so I put up a little poster where they could work out their Magic Name:

The main feature at the party was the Honeydukes candy table. Although I am an avid baker, I didn’t want the stress of baking the main cake, so I left that in the capable hands of Sandy who did a fabulous job. I did enjoy making and baking the following: chocolate frogs (I added rice krispies to the chocolate moulds which gave the chocolate a lovely crunch as you bit into them – this was enjoyed by many of the dads as well, the mandrake root cupcakes and the golden snitch cake pops.

I sourced the other sweets (jelly worms, jelly beans, gummy snakes, popping candy, chocolate pretzel sticks and chocolate coins) from Party Spot in Woodmead and the Crazy Store at Morning Glen Shopping centre. These sweets worked well for the theme.

The CCJ Auckland Park worked perfectly as a venue for the party. I had the clubhouse on the one side, and plenty of lawn and trees for the kids to run wild. I made a sign board (with help from Builders Warehouse in Fourways).


The weather didn’t look like it was going to play its part, so I needed to have a few games for the kids in case of rain.

Firstly, we did the Sorting Hat ceremony where the kids were put into their respective houses. My sister, Bea Jeram, made the badges for me, which the kids could keep.

I found an animated pic of Harry Potter on the internet, had it enlarged to size and laminated. “Pin the Scar on Harry Potter” (the kids were blindfolded, and I spun them around before they could stick on the scar)

There was also a table with a display of a few potions, wands, a pop-up Harry Potter Book and a note book with quill pen.

Fortunately, it turned out to be a glorious day, so I could get them to play the other game I planned – The Quidditch match. The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing the game – the rules and running of the game was left in the capable hands of some of the dads, who did an awesome job. For the “goals” I used small hoops and a broom stick. Instead of having broomsticks between their legs, I bought a few pool noodles instead and this served the purpose and worked well.

Again, I found a photo prop on the internet, enlarged it to size and used this for everyone to have a photo taken as a remembrance of being at the party.

Lots of the kids came dressed as characters from Harry Potter, others as Muggles. Riya dressed up as her favourite character, Hermione Granger. She was lucky to have received the Gryffindor scarf as a gift from her dad, which he bought at the Harry Potter store in London.

Then it was time for party packs. I bought plain white paper gift bags from the China Mall in Rivonia and decorated them to the Harry Potter theme, and filled them with a personalised keyring (in the Harry Potter font), a themed cap, quill pen, chocolate wand (milk straw) and golden snitch bouncy ball.

A close up of the potion bottles used as decor, filled with water and a dash of food colouring.

The next week I baked cupcakes from Riya’s birthday ring at school. Kept it to the theme and made sorting hat cupcakes. It went down a treat.

I believe that this party allowed me to explore more of my creative side, be it with the baking or the painting or the crafts. I look forward to doing more of this soon!

A special thanks to:

My photographer and friend, Ahila, who captured the mood of the day perfectly.

Bea Jeram (Umley’s Rubberstamp & Engraving) for all the printing of labels and posters, the keyrings and the printed caps

Tel: +27 4846361/+27 79 438 8211 or on Instagram @umleys_branding

Sandy (Sassy Cakes – +27 82 561 1562) – for making the beautiful and yummy cake to my specifications.

Thank you for sharing your amazing party with us, Jay, all I want to do is throw a Harry Potter themed party now! Don’t forget to send through your submission to mommalikeme@yahoo.com if you’ve done a party you want to share!


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