Do we stay, or do we go?

Cry our beloved country! While our country mourns so many senseless and abominable crimes (and this isn’t a new trend) we need to start having really tough conversations around our future in this country, for the sake of our children.

Whilst not gender based, my husband has been in three attempted hi-jackings in the last year (in different cars and even was once shot at). These all happened in the same area and sadly it’s completely unavoidable, as that’s where his office is. Every day having to face the same possibilities of crime. After the first attempt we began discussing immigration. And after the second, and after the third. Each time leaving us feel more and more defeated. Is fleeing the country our only hope at some sort of safety? While we are very aware that ‘the grass is not always greener’, and each country comes with its own challenges – I think I’d rather be at the mercy of Mother Nature than that of vicious and violent thugs. We crave a lifestyle where we can walk our kids to school without worrying about not returning home. Leaving Africa would mean leaving everything we know. Lifting our deeply trenched roots. Leaving friends and family. What will leaving mean?   So, why if we are considering leaving am I even bothering to join the fight? How could I not. We would be leaving behind a nation of women and children who need a voice. We all need to join this cry, no, this roar. I’m doing it for my daughter, and my son. For the helpless victims, and embattled survivors. For you, for me, for her. I am her.

Only time will tell what our future in South Africa is to be, but for now we’re evaluating our options and looking at everything with our eyes wide open. Our country is scared, enraged, but not giving up. If anything, the last week has shown just how many of us are willing to fight. To protect. To change the future. So, what are we going to do about our ‘now’? What I will say, whether we decide to move or not, is that I will do right by my son and raise him to be kind, to be gentle, to be compassionate and to respect all women, how – through LOVE. And my daughter? To be strong enough to fight, and proud enough to stand up, and not shut up,ever..

Don’t bash others for choosing to leave. Don’t bash others for choosing to stay. Be kind. Regardless, enough is enough. I am woman, hear me roar.



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