Dettol’s new Profresh soap keeps you germ free, hygienic and protects against odours!

There is no arguing that living a healthy lifestyle supports a greater quality of life, no more so than in how we raise our kids. Children should have the freedom to get out into the world, explore till their hearts are content, have fun and get dirty!


“A dynamic lifestyle ensures healthy development of children’s blood, organs and tissues” Haematopathologist Dr Susan Louw of the National Health Laboratory Service


The easiest and most important way to do this is through exercise, something you can easily do with your children, get up off the couch, go outside and be active with your kids.


Dettol has launched a new soap range called Profresh, which has been specifically formulated to make sure that children and adults alike can get active and then get clean and fresh with assured odour protection – enjoying the benefits of vigorous activity coupled with good hygiene.


“Actively playing with our kids is fun, physically healthy and it enriches the bonds between parents and children”

 Occupational therapist Tendai Gidini


With germ and odour protection, Dettol Profresh ensures that you and your family are protected from 100 illness-causing germs, giving you the assurance that your kids are protected whilst enjoying an active lifestyle.


With the summer holidays just around the corner, it’s easier to get active as a family. It’s not only fun and entertaining, but important for your family’s health.


Here are a few benefits for getting active as a family and some of our favourite things to do:


Riding bikes

Now that both Oli and Soph have bikes, going to the bike park is that much easier, we get to relax whilst watching the kids ride through all of the different options available to them, each being age appropriate – we love the PwC Bike Park in Bryanston.


Fun at our local park

We’re lucky enough to have a park just down the road, literally a two-minute walk, were we can spend a leisure filled afternoon walking around while the kids play on the rocks, feed the bunnies and run up and down the steep banks. Another thing Oli has really taken a liking to this year is the form of meditation – something his teacher has taught the class. It’s a wonderful calming, coping mechanism that I’m so glad he’s learnt, along with a few yoga poses! There’s nothing like centering the mind, body and spirit!


Dyl loves nothing more than a good round of golf on the weekend, but he’s also quite content spending time hitting golf balls at the local driving range with his mini-me in tow. This gives us some time outside as well as we watch him – Soph even tries her hand at hitting a few balls. Oli is really starting to take a liking to golf now, and has own set of kid-sized professional golf clubs.

The most important lesson to learn – don’t fear dirt

Whatever activities best suit your family, don’t let the fear of dirt, germs and bad odours, get in the way. Instil good hygiene habits from a young age, such as regular handwashing, and a refreshing shower at the end of a active day.


Invest in good hygiene products, such as a good soap. Dettol’s Profresh range will help ward off many illness-causing germs and helps eliminate the source of bad odour – and your fit and active family will reap all the benefits, while smelling fresh at school and the office the next day.



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