Cat and Dog

Yeah, yeah, they’re hellishly cute – I mean, look at those faces! But, boy oh boy are we having a time of it. And nope (referring to the heading of this post), we haven’t replaced our two crazy dogs with a cat, but rather, I’m referring to the sibling rivalry going on in our household right now. These two are fighting like cat and dog. Oli is six, turning seven next month, and Sophie is treating us to all the glory that is four.

I’ve heard the phases of ‘four’ referred to as the ‘f’ing fours’ but had high hopes for ‘seven’. Until I read this post from my friend Carly at Mom of Two Little Girls. Bring on all the emotions, sensitivity of epic proportions and irrationality. Also cue gravity – “this is the worst day ever”, “this is horrible/terrible” and every expletive that can show utter disgust. And tears. They’re back. Oli’s dealing with a whole host of emotions right now and sometimes doesn’t quite know how to express himself and his feelings in certain situations. Almost like that tantruming two’s is back.

Is it an age thing? A girl/boy thing? Who knows, but Soph (delivering all the sass) will argue everything Oli has to say and then burst into tears if he doesn’t succumb to her wishes/point/incessant wailing. Both my kids are strong willed, and while it’s important to nurture and guide this trait (tomorrow’s CEO’s are made of these strong-willed kids), my ears may start bleeding at WWIII that is breaking out in my home. I digress, between these (completely age appropriate) phases they’re in, we’re living amongst a ticking time bomb.

In between the mayhem, are moments of ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ while they revert back to the best friends they were a month or so ago. Sophie stealing a kiss and cuddle, and Oli babying his sister and spoiling her rotten with love and kindness. Sleepovers in each other’s beds and giggling way past bedtime. Flickers of hope!

But for now, send help, send reinforcements and send advice! I’m reminding myself that ‘this too shall pass’, as will the holiday that’s coming to an end next week.




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