Best cleaning products recommended by Mommalikeme

This was HARD I won’t lie. I love cleaning products and have far too many, but I like to try them all and find what really works for me and for the various household needs I have. This will be an evolving list that I’ll add to as and when I come across more phenomenal products (and let’s be honest the brands are bringing out more and more incredible products all the time) – hence my cleaning cupboard overflowing.

I’m breaking it down into categories that I hope you’ll find useful – kinda like a gift guide (shopping guide?) for cleaning products! Keep in mind we’re all cleaning a different type of floor, stove and kitchen surface in our homes so what works for one, doesn’t always work for the other.

First up, my holy grail of must haves – these can be used in almost every room in the house!

Multipurpose products that cross over into more than one category (they’re that good)

  1. Chemico: Paste (sinks, stoves, ovens, pots)
  2. Wynn’s: Cleen Green (stains, grease, stubborn dirt)
  3. Mr Sheen: Mould & Mildew (hard bathroom cleans – scum build-up, toilet stains)
  4. Mr Sheen: Multi Surface Spring Fresh (mirrors, windows, dusting, polishing)
  5. Sunlight Extra: Antibacterial Dishwasher Liquid (dishes, stains, mopping floors, window washing)


  1. Scotchbrite: Dishwand
  2. Hygiene Plus: Silktouch rubber gloves
  3. Addis: Chenille Mop
  4. Toothbrush
  5. CHUX: Scourer Pad
  6. Leifheit: Clean & Away Mop Wiper
  7. CHUX: Superwipes dish cloths
  8. Goldenmarc: Microfibre cloth
  9. Addis: Dusting cloth
  10. Black + Decker: Dust Buster
  11. Addis: Grip Wash-up Brush


  1. Astonish: Stainless Steel & Shine – Clear Waters
  2. Mr Sheen: Kitchen
  3. Astonish: Oven Power Spray (I often use this on my stove top)
  4. Handy Andy: Kitchen
  5. Mr Sheen Dishwasher Tablets (I use these for tough burnt on food – I don’t actually own a dishwasher – hack in my highlight reel on Instagram)


Germ Busting

  1. Dettol: No Touch Handwash System – Original
  2. Astonish: Germ Clear
  3. Mr Sheen: Disinfectant Spray – Country Meadow
  4. Milton
  5. Harpic Mountain Pine Toilet Cleaner
  6. Astonish: Power Clean Toilet Bowl Tabs
  7. Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach Summer Fresh



  1. Mr Sheen: Bathroom
  2. Mr Sheen: Daily Shower
  3. Astonish: Bathroom Cleaner – Fresh Breeze
  4. Simple Truth: All Purpose Cleaner
  5. Woolworths: Anti Bacterial Bathroom Wipes


  1. Astonish: Oxy Active Stain Remover
  2. Swirl Tumble Dry Sheets (my hacks for these are also saved under my highlights reel on Instagram)
  3. Vanish: Super Bar
  4. Dr Beckman: Odour Remover
  5. OMO: 3x Power Capsules
  6. Astonish: Starch Spray – Bluebell Meadows
  7. Dr Beckmann: Stain Remover Deo & Sweat
  8. Closemeyer: Fabric Refresh – Lavender & Vanilla


  1. Mr Muscle: Floor & All Purpose Cleaner – Harmony
  2. Handy Andy: Floor Cleaner – Pine Fresh
  3. Green Shield: Anti Bacterial Floor Surface Wipes

Don’t ever underestimate the power of adding these three natural products/produce to your home – bicarbonate of soda, lemons and white spirit vinegar. You’ve seen me clean and deodorise sinks and plugs with it bicarb, vinegar and hot water, clean my microwave and Instant Pot with a simple lemon and water solution and rid my iron of brown marks with a simple bicarb and water paste. You can check out how I use the products on my dedicated cleaning highlight reels on Instagram here.

I hope these products will do for you what they do for me and remember to tag me in all your cleans – makes my heart so happy to see and always inspires me! Happy cleaning!

*Disclaimer – nothing is sponsored, these are genuinely products I simply adore

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