An update on our potty training – and what it taught me.

If you’ll remember from this post , you’ll remember that although Soph has been potty trained (during the day) for a year, she was battling with night-time potty training. I decided to potty train her because I thought it was what I should be doing, instead of thinking about how ready she was, and as a result both of us were a nervous wreck.

After putting the brakes on the whole palaver, she got another pack of nappies (54 nappies to be precise), and do you know what? Not ONE of those 54 nights were wet. I put her nappy on every night, for 54 nights, without once suggesting she doesn’t need it, and instead congratulated her every morning when she woke up, pulled her nappy off and went for a wee on the toilet. I praised her, but never suggested she no longer needed them.

When those 54 nappies were up, I once again took her down the nappy aisle in our local grocery store and casually asked if she wanted another pack. Her response? “No thanks Mommy, I’m a big girl now”. Well, my heart swelled and almost popped with pride for the confidence I’d been able to rebuild, after, at my own admission, pushing her into a situation she didn’t feel she was ready for.

Out came her Peppa Pig star chart, and every morning after waking up and realising she’d had another dry night, she’d ogle over the pack of neon stars and make her selection for the day. Slowly but surely the star chart filled up, with not one ‘oops’ and when her chart was fill, she got to go pick her reward with her Daddy – a new pram for her babies.

The trick? The ‘perfect’ solve to potty training? Well, honestly, there isn’t one other than to wait for your child to be ready, not you. Take the pressure off. Praise them and build confidence. If your child isn’t ready, like Soph was, all you’ll end up doing is knocking that very confidence you want to build and nurture. I promise you, your child won’t be walking around in a pair of size 4+ Huggies at their 12th birthday, so what’s the rush? Let your child guide you not the other way around, we can learn so much from these little people we’re raising.

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