A visit from the Tooth Fairy!

On Friday last week Oli lost his second tooth, just as he had lost his first, at school! I designed a cute Tooth Fairy Tooth Receipt (free printables included) to print to go into his tooth pillow with his money.

When I was a child, I grew up believing in the Tooth Fairy. I had a little Tooth Pillow with a pocket on it to store my fallen milk tooth. Oli’s Gogo made him a Tooth Pillow just before he lost his very first tooth, almost the same as the one I had.  When his first tooth fell out, I wrote a small handwritten ‘note’ from the TF and rolled it up with his money.  We decided that R20.00 ($1.42 roughly) was more than enough for a tooth – seriously, I know of some kids getting up to R200.00 a tooth, which is frankly ludicrous!

Oli pulled his first tooth out himself at school one day after it wobbled for days on end.  He was so scared of the blood that came with the tooth that he cried for few minutes afterwards.  After hearing this from one of the teachers, I went to our local Readers Warehouse and bought a book for him called, My Tooth is Loose, Dr. Moose! This sweet little story is about a bunch of different animals characters that go to the dentist (Dr. Moose) with one thing in common – a loose tooth.  After reading Oli this book,  he felt so much more at ease.

Mr Tooth is Loose Dr Moose

This time round, with plenty of warning – this tooth wiggled for what felt like ages – I had the time to design a fun Tooth Fairy Tooth Receipt to use instead of writing a whole note each time.  Now all I need to fill out, with every tooth, is ‘name’, ‘age’, ‘amount’, tick for his ‘tooth rating’, write a small note/comment and sign and date it. By printing a couple of Tooth Fairy Tooth Receipts out at a time, I’ll always be prepared!

Oli pillow


The whole house was woken up the next morning, at 05:25 on a Saturday, to come see what the Tooth Fairy had brought him. The Receipt was a huge hit, and Soph declared (at 2.5 years of age) that her tooth was wobbly too, so could she have a visit from the ‘fairy’, please?

You can download your own TFTR to use for your kids here Tooth Fairy Tooth Receipt – Boy PDF (for boys) and I did another version here Tooth Fairy Tooth Receipt – Girl PDF for girls!

Let me know if you use these and what the kids think! I printed them out to A5 size but you could adjust this to whatever you wanted.


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