A new school, a new start.

So many of you beautiful people have sent me messages and DMs wishing our Oli a good first day at his new school, and in his new Grade so I just wanted to do a little update for all those asking. His anxiety, and mine, have been at an all-time high with yet another school move. It was Oli who pointed it out to me today that he’s had to experience a ‘new start’ a couple of times already, more than most.

First, the horrendous Montessori experience, then an incredible two years at the Pre-Primary Soph is at now, then Grade 1 at a school local to us (also brilliant, but not the right fit for Oli’s needs), and now the switch to a remedial environment for Grade 2. A lot of you have also asked if he is needing to repeat Grade 1 – no, not at all. He received a pretty remarkable report for someone needing extra help and support, getting eight 7’s (the highest mark), a lot of 6’s and 5’s and only a small handful of 4’s (satisfactory). So, why the need for remedial then if he’s passing so well? These are Term 4’s results. These are the results he got after we had figured out how best to help him, and his teacher really did go above and beyond to accommodate him – but in a class of 39 it’s not sustainable – for the school or the child needing the extra attention.

So, today is a big day. Today he gets to walk through his new classroom door, take a deep breath and know he’s special, appreciated and in a safe space. A space where the teachers and therapists will work closely, and as a team to give our child the best. He’s anxious about the change and not having all his friends to play with at break time, the comfort of the familiar (we’re all like that I guess), but I’m positive that once realises what an incredible opportunity this move is for him, that his confidence will soar, as will he. It’s a chance to reach his full potential without any barriers. We had an introduction session this morning for all the new learners and something the principal said really stood out to me: “At your child’s old school they were the exception to the rule. At our school, in this environment, they are the rule.’.

Thank you from the bottom of my (and our) hearts for your continued love and support for this beautiful boy of ours, he’s got this!

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