A Monster Truck Celebration!

A couple of weeks ago I was honoured to style a fabulous Monster Truck party for two of the cutest brothers ever! Their wonderful Mom gave me pretty much free reign when it came to styling the party and it was a fabulous change in theme for me!

Of course, no party would ever be a success without the help of my amazing family, friends and suppliers – what an amazing team I get to work with!


The party was held at Dimples Café at World of Golf in Midrand – a favourite of the brother’s. I’m so glad they chose this venue so I could take my own kids here on a location scout – they had such fun in the playground! Firstly, you should know this isn’t an exclusive venue, so keep in mind there could be multiple parties on at the same time as yours, as well as the guests visiting the restaurant for a meal or just to play. We were so lucky with the weather, being at the end of July it could have gone either way, but the sun shone and the wind stayed away, thankfully!


The Birthday boy’s Momma wanted the focus to be on our key theme colours more than spewing Monster Truck characters all over the show – my kinda lady – so we went with red, orange, yellow, black & white and pops of turquoise. A custom poster on an easel welcomed all the guests, and we added large clear bubbles onto the adult’s tables, which were filled with mini balloons in our colour range. Black and white material bunting flags were pinned onto the raw wood candy table with thumb tacks for a more rustic and rugged garage vibe. Pops of colour came through at the ‘pitstop popcorn’ bar – with coloured metal buckets, sweet and salty sprinkles and toppings (such a hit with the parents!) and custom-made water bottles with the same design.

Cake and Candy Table

What’s a birthday without a delicious cake? How awesome is this cake – a buttercream chocolate and vanilla spectacle topped with two ‘real’ Monster Trucks and fondant decorations. The cake was such a hit with the kids and parents alike and they all oohed and aahed over the 4-wheeler tyre it rested on. Food labels tied the theme together along with custom designed tent cards giving candy names from ‘smashing rock sticks’ to ‘airbags’. There were also cake pop ‘gear sticks’, ‘spare wheel’ chocolate covered Oreos that were so lifelike I had to constantly assure the kids they could eat them and that they were in fact edible treats. I tried to bring in a garage-type feel to the table, merged with traffic cones, trophies, the black and white flag bunting, a vintage toolbox filled with chocolate iced doughnuts, ‘oil change jellies’ with black striped wooden spoons, incredible ‘Monster Jam’ iced sugar cookies and ‘dirt cup puddings’. The table was set in front of a large AstroTurf backdrop and a colourful organic balloon arch that created quite a focal point.

Entertainment & Party Favours

We set up large ‘truck tyre’ balloons behind the main table for the kids to toss bean bags into and then claim their prizes (mini Play-Doh, bubbles, scratch and stencil pads, and mini torches), and then they could have their faces painted by the most brilliant face-painter, Saarah. The kids had such fun choosing what they wanted painted! WOG has an incredible play area so no one was ever bored or moaning to go home. Each child, aside from their prizes, got a Pit Party lanyard with their name on to take home, and the family asked for donations to a local charity in lieu of birthday gifts for the boys – how thoughtful is that?! Teaching their children from such a young age about the act of kindness. No party would be complete without take away candy, so candy bags and scoops were on hand for guests to help themselves to candy and baked goods to take home.

Thank you, Y, for trusting me with the boys birthday, I hope to be a part of their celebrations for years to come!




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