3 Delicious Homemade Christmas Gifts made in the Instant Pot!

I decided to switch things up a little this year and make some delicious homemade gifts in my Instant Pot. There’s something so thoughtful about a homemade jar of something – made with love and the perfect addition to your Christmas feast! Sure, you could make them on a stove-top, but this is so much easier – having a regulated temperature makes all the difference and cooking in a pressure cooker cuts the time by half, if not more! More time for Christmas with your family thanks to the Instant Pot!

Sweet, sticky and spicy – 3 recipes I’ll make time and time again. Introducing… my Instant Pot Raspberry Jam, Dulce de Leche and the best Hot Sauce!

The Raspberry Jam is pectin free with no thickener needed and the perfect spread on a freshly baked scone with butter and cream or drizzled over some yoghurt or on flapjacks! Dulce de Leche is my absolute favourite served over some vanilla ice cream or as part of an ice cream sundae! And the Hot Sauce? Well, that goes with absolutely everything savoury! It’s the perfect balance of roasted tomato, chili, and garlic – warning, this sauce is SO moreish!




*Disclaimer – Mommalikeme has a paid partnership with Instant Pot South Africa

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