27 Boxes – an urban chic play park that’s entirely free!

Over the weekend we visited somewhere I’ve been dying to take the kids – 27 Boxes in Melville! It has a totally FREE play area, which also happens to be open, so don’t go thinking you’re going to sit back and have a child minder watch the kids. As always, be aware.

This centre is made from recycled shipping containers and showcases some fabulous Artisan foods, local Fashion & curated Design. So why did I really want to bring the kids here? Well, so often I find with kid friendly restaurants that while the play area might be great, the food is substandard and it’s a sacrifice we make. Here, we get to merge good food with an amazing play park.

Oli brought along his Micro Scooter and had such a ball whizzing around the play park, and through the centre itself. We went reasonably early on a Saturday morning so it was pretty empty but I know how quickly it fills up and there’s limited seating for adults at the play park area.

We let the kids play for a bit before deciding which restaurant to eat at – keeping in mind Sophie still has her arm in a cast and is fully wired up, it was gentle play for her – but she still enjoyed the playground – the sandpit especially! Oli loved exploring the tunnels and diverting the water that flows down the stairs with a water wheel. The play park design is completely different to those of other play areas, with very little plastic (only the toys in the sandpit, climbing wall and the hopper balls involved plastic) – the rest of the playground is a little epic piece of architecture!

What you need to know:

There’s covered, off street parking (no need to parallel park on the street and have your mirror taking off) – and it’s free!

Bring a hat and sunscreen for the kids – there are quite a lot of unshaded areas in the play park.

Bring a scooter or bike for extra fun and pack a cozzie and towel if the kids get a little carried away with the water.

The play area is at the back of the centre, so you can either grab a takeaway from one of the eateries and sit on the few tables scattered around the park, or do what we did – play – eat – then play again.

Restaurants at the centre (open from 10:00 on Saturdays and Sundays) – Cake&Co (situated at the play park), X&O Patisserie (well known for their cronuts), HaveWings, Reserved Café (this was where we ate, we sat outside under an umbrella and Oli still scooted around the outdoor area, its open and spacious, and they were open to making a more kid friendly meal than what was offered on their menu), The Countess (dying to try this restaurant). There are other restaurants and small eateries, I just need to hunt the names down.

Find it at: 74 4th Avenue, Melville

Totally worth a visit, especially on a sunshiney day!

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