{Win a fabulous Dettol hamper} Three easy ways we’re busting germs in our home this winter!

We’ve visited the GP far too many times this year – between the kids and I, we’ve passed various bugs and viral infections between each other faster than an Olympic Ping-Pong match. I’ve decided to up the ante this year and cleanse our household as best as we can for the Winter onslaught of germs. Educating our kids from a young age on the importance of hygiene is the first step in our defence. Like with most things, I find that the best way to teach my kids something they’ll truly remember, is to make it fun for them, so that’s just what we’ve done, in partnering with Dettol.

Cold and Flu season is upon us, practice proper hygiene

Here’s a handy tip: avoid sneezing and coughing into your hands, teach your kids to cough into the crook of a bent arm instead. Last year I started teaching my kids about germs and the importance of good hygiene. Soph might not know how to blow her nose yet, but she knows to cough and sneeze into the crook of her arm instead of her hands, already decreasing the chances of cross-contamination tremendously. Oli, on the other hand, has taken to this like snot to a tissue, and he has even started helping his little sister out when they go wash their hands before dinner or after they’ve been playing with their playdough, outside or with the dogs.

Regular, and correct hand washing

I’ve taught the kids to wash their hands with soap and water and to lather for at least 20 seconds – thanks to last year’s Global Handwashing Day. Oli’s even passed on what I’ve taught him to some friends at school who, according to him, thought one swipe under a running tap of water was the right way. After explaining to them what in fact was the correct way, he proudly told me how now they’re helping fight germs at school with him – proud Mommy moment right there! Before Soph could count to 20, Oli offered to do it for her. If your kids can’t count to 20 yet, another option is for them to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice, while using a proper disinfecting soap like the Dettol Original Hygiene Handwash – is just the right length of time to successfully eliminate germs and bacteria. We did a simple ‘germ’ experiment at home to illustrate what happens when a proper handwash soap is added to ‘germs’ – in this case, we used glitter. The kids were floored that with only one pump of soap the ‘germs’ could dispense so quickly and with the help of the downloaded handwashing chart, hygiene rewards chart and hygiene activity book, all from Dettol (the full, free, Hygiene Hero’s toolkit is available and downloadable for your kids right here , they’re taking their quest for good hygiene very seriously. The rewards system always seems to work in our home, even if the reward is simply a star, download yours and see if that will help motivate your kids to help ward off the germs this winter. Making learning fun is always a sure-fire way for them to remember the importance of proper hygiene.


Partner with a brand you can trust

It’s important to remember, whilst we’re not raising sterile robots, we are raising little explorers. We’re never going to be able to avoid the germs our kids are exposed to everyday, but what we can do is minimalise their exposure. Not by keeping our kids home until the age of 5, but by taking steps to help combat their exposure. My kids love the outdoors, and come home from a busy, fun day at school covered in dirt. They do chores – bringing in the dog’s beds, feeding the dogs, putting dirty laundry away – all these involve contact with various germs – and then washing hands thereafter. Here’s where Dettol comes into our lives. Whether it’s with the pack of Dettol Hygiene wipes I keep in my handbag, to wipe down their grubby hands and faces, or the Instant Hand Sanitizer with a handy silicone strap that I’ve attached to Oli’s school bag so that he can sanitise his hands whenever he feels the need (he loves the simple sense of responsibility it’s given him). A brand-new introduction to the Dettol family, that has fast become my absolute favourite germ-buster, is Dettol Disinfectant Liquid with Aloe Vera. In stores since the end of March, with the same brilliant disinfectant properties we’ve come to know and trust the brand for, the Aloe Vera variety is so soft on skin that it can be part of your kids’ daily bath routine. All we need is three capfuls of this in the bath each night. Even with a sensitive skin like Sophie’s, the Aloe Vera liquid is so soft, with a beautiful, light fragrance and her skin has had zero reaction. Knowing I use Dettol products, is half the battle won, which is why I’m a Dettol Mom.

Practicing everyday simple hygiene can go a long way in keeping your family healthy this Winter. To help set you up for the cold months ahead, I’m giving away a fabulous Dettol hamper to one lucky Mommalikeme reader. The hamper is worth R600 and features a wide range of the Dettol products, including the brand-new Aloe Vera Liquid I’m so excited about!

To enter, all you have to do is tell me if you’re a Dettol Mom in the comment section below AND if you want extra entries comment on the Mommalikeme Dettol Giveaway posts on Facebook and Instagram – that’s THREE chances at winning! The competition will run until 20 June 2018 and the winner will be announced on the Mommalikeme Facebook page.

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Standard T’s & C’s apply. The competition is open to all residents of South Africa.



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  1. I have been a Dettol mom for years.
    Hygiene is absolutely essential and with Dettol products its the best investment I have made.

    Subscribed to blog
    Loved this blog post it was interesting, enlightening and a pleasure to read thank you.

  2. My kids love there dettol baths. If they fall and scrape a knee or an elbow I have to clean it with dettol. I wipe my counters with dettol as well lol. I’d definitely say I’m a #dettolmom because I’m never without it in my home. My son refuses to bath unless there is dettol in the water

  3. When you have an extremely busy and active boy, Dettol becomes your best friend! It’s the best and I’m definitely a Dettol mom!

  4. I am a huge Dettol fan.. I grew up with Dettol so naturally I use it on my kiddies too. I also have a pigeon pair, they are 7 and 6 and are forever getting scratches. I must admit, I have never tried the Dettol bath with them, but that sounds pretty nice. And I’ve discovered those lovely little Dettol wipes.. they are great.

  5. Don’t even get me started on the never ending ping pong match between my girls, husband and I … its like a ping pong match with a giant ball of snot and permanent coughy sleepless nights from the minute Autumn hits. I am 100% percent positive I need to beat the germs and will definitely be following your dettol advice #DettolMom

  6. Hi, I am a huge Dettol fan. I use Dettol Anticeptic Liqiud to keep my tiled floors clean for my beautiful Fur baby Kush. I feel safe knowing my little boy is safe. I have been a long-time subbie. Great post as always.

  7. Yes I am . Do the wipes, hand lotion , in the bath for the kids once every two weeks, throw it in the floor wash up solution.Love the clean fresh smell.

  8. I am a 100% Dettol mum. I have the hand wash in every bathroom. My kids love a Dettol bath. I never go a day without Dettol.

  9. Totally a dettol mom. From my kids to my husband we use dettol to protect us from nasty germs. So love this. Great post Megs

  10. I am Dettol mom, my mother was using Dettol for me and my siblings. I am now using dettol for my family. It has been a well trusted brand for over generations.

  11. I am a Dettol Mom and have been for the past 3 years! Its important for me to keep Paige’s hands clean to avoid her getting sick (especially in this very cold winter). We try and stress that hands should be washed:

    before and after eating
    before and after handling food
    after using the toilet
    after playing outdoors
    after touching animals
    after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
    before and after being around anyone who is ill

    Her school is also really good about reinforcing this. We LOVE the Green Dettol Original Handwash and have a bottle in every bathroom in our home.

    Awesome read Megs – thank you as always x

  12. Yes, I’m a Dettol mum. I use the entire range of Dettol products in my home to ensure my family and home are hygienically protected all day, every day.

  13. I’m definitely a Dettol Mom, I just use Dettol soap, which smells absolutely devine and Dettol products for everything I else I need to keep my boys germ free.

  14. We love Dettol in our home. Especially with the flu season upon us. Nobody likes getting sick, so we have dettol liquid hand soap in every bathroom. I even carry the dettol hand sanitizer in my handbag for in case.

  15. I have been a Dettol mom since the day I got married and my oldest is now 41 . I even use a little in the water to wash my floors and walls and the house smells so nice and fresh afterwards . Just LOVE the clean smell of DETTOL . ❤️

  16. How can one not be a Dettol mommie. From birth to our end Dettol is a constant feature to keep us healthy and tackle what mommies can’t. She needs her Dettol super power to do the job right all the time! I’m loving that Dettol kiddie bag attachment thingy. So innovative and I can surely say a sure way mom’s have it a the ready too when all hands are on deck and scratching inside ones bag h messed up germy hands is not an option.

  17. I am a Dettol. and I think the fact that the product has been on the market speaks for itself. Number 1, the best product for killing germs, I trust their products for my entire house 🙂
    Yey!! Dettol!!!

  18. I’m a dettol mum and a grandmum to four beautiful grand children .dettol was started from the days I was a little girl .Dettol is the only trusted brand I’ve known from a little girl. With more new products in the market that kills germs fast leaving your home smelling fresh .my grandchildren carries a little hand sanitize in their bag to school .

  19. I’m a dettol Mom ;I’ve being using Dettol products for years now ;hygiene is very important to me ;my kids have a bath with the soaps ;use hand sanitizers;I use Dettol to try bruised and cuts its a grand brand that I trust to kill all germs .

  20. I’m a dettol Mom ;I’ve being using Dettol products for many years now ;hygiene is very important to me ;my kids have a bath with the soaps ;use the hand sanitizers;I use Dettol to treat bruises and cuts its a great brand that I trust to kill all germs .i recommend Dettol to all moms.

  21. I just would love to win. Dettol is a part of mine and my kids daily lives and life is a pleasure because of it

  22. I am a dettol mom especially with my little girl going to nursery school. Lol funny how as a mom you would love to win this hamper. Aaah kids change you.

  23. I am a Dettol mom I have used Dettol for many years, keeping my family safe from all bacteria, cuts etc. It’s ma wonderful product, with great results

  24. Being a dry too user from the 60 we have always had dettol in bath room
    An even my days as a young parent ineven had neighbour asking for some dettol an now with so many products in the market as a grandparent I Encourage its use am the time from hand wash to wipes baby ones an hand sanitizer when we r our an about esp to restaurants an not forgetting in bath water an cleaning wounds. Dettol my friends for ever

  25. I grew up with Dettol and I was such a tomboy so you can imagine the amount of cuts and grazes that needed the dettol touch. To this day I put a capful of dettol in my bath every night. So I’m definitely a dettol mom because not a day goes by without me using it in some way. From the kitchen sprays for my counters to the hand wash next to all my sinks. And the best part is the smell.. just brings me back to my childhood every day

  26. With 2 little boys under the age of 8, you simply cannot do without dettol..
    Boys just love getting their hands dirty and with Dettol, puts my mind at ease…

  27. #dettolsa #dettolsure #dettolproducts #hygienehero #hygiene #winter #preparingforwinter #win #hamper #competition #giveaway #dettolmom #dettol #germs #cleaningproducts #dettolbath #dettolaloevera #mommalikeme #samommyblogger #lifestyleblogger #mommyblogger Dettol SA MY NUMBER ONE DETERGENT

  28. Am a Dettol mom as I believed Dettol products is the best I use Dettol products for many years and my eldest son don’t wane use other products soaps if hr did not use a Dettol soap than hrs day not be a hygienic day as my daughter the same not tel about hubby each 1,of my family have their own soaps nw my baby that’s turning 3 also ask me hrs Dettol soap wat a family Dettol moms gave no germs problems when it comes to Dettol products A Dettol Mom knows best Thanks Dettol for being the world’s best products

  29. Dettol has always been our go to in any situation especially with me with all my operations I had done. We won’t use anything else. It’s a tried and trusted brand that has been around for centuries and only improve on their products regularly. Won’t change to anything else even if someone paid me to

  30. My deceased father introduced me to Dettol. When I met my husband He too was a Dettol person. And we are married for 24yrs now….and not a day without Dettol go by. ☺. My Children don’t know anything else than Dettol. So I believed their other half also gonna be either Dettol lovers or gonna be introduce to Dettol very quickly….

  31. My kids insist that I am NOT a dettol mom, because I’m not cool. I don’t allow them to get dirty like in the advert. lol. But I am totally a dettol mom!

    I remember when I was little…93 years ago, our neighbours ALWAYS had dettol in their bathroom. When it was bath time they’d add the dettol to their bath water and they’d have that dettol scent. I loved it and I was so jealous! I always took an opportunity to bath there….(this was the 80’s…a different time…lol). I wished my parents would buy us Dettol. They never did…so this just fills me with such nostalgia and longing…lol.

  32. I have been a dettol mum, from the time mu kids where born, both my boys were born premature. So I had to take necessary precautions to prevent them getting sick.

  33. I have been a dettol mom for years and I think the Aloe Vera Addition is amazing. Quality always stands the test of time

  34. I am a Dettol mom and my is Dettol son he really loves the smell of Dettol bar soap especially lemon. Dettol m never gona leave you. #iamdettolmom.

  35. Cleanhands, Saves lives
    We teach preschoolers in townships and rural areas to stay germs free, wash hands properly and save water.We believe that clean hands reduce further bacterial exchange.

  36. I am definitely a Dettol mommy!!
    When we go away for a weekend I grab our dettol handwash from home and take with to use in the accommodation haha hubby says I’m bad !
    When kiddies get home they KNOW the first stop is a dettol hand wash 🙂

  37. I have always used detol. And since my baby was birn in 2016 i have been a detol mom! I love the fresh smell. 100% germ protection. We use detol in the bath. The hand wash and also the hand sanitizer if we on the go!!

  38. Yip, I am a Detol mom, I use it for everyday use in and around the house as well as for bumps and scraps. I also use it to clean my stables – helps chase flies away.

  39. I am a #Dettol mum ensuring that my girls wash their hand with Dettol soap..and when they are at school..they carry Dettol Wipes..which keeps the germs away..love to win this amazing giveaway..and try the other Dettol products as well..

  40. I love detol. Me and my little girl love to bath in it and i always have a bottle of hand sanitizer in my handbag. Detol has kept my family healthy for years.

    My little girl doesn’t touch something without me cleaning it first
    With detol i know we are protecting ourselves from germs

  41. I’m such a huge Dettol mom. I’ve been using it for years and I were also raised by a Dettol mom. I would be so thrilled to be a lucky winner of such an amazing prize.

  42. I am a dettol mum for many years ,my mum ,grandmum and now I use it for my children and grandchildren .Dettol has a wide range of products . Affordable .products you can trust .always have the hand sanitizer in their school bag .

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