What we’ve been reading this month – our four May favourites.

In case you missed this post, click here for a little intro to this series. We’ve been enjoying some new, and rediscovering some old, favourites at bedtime!

Here are four of our favourite books we’ve read during the month of May:


The Little Boy Who Lost His Name – David Cadji-Newby & Pedro Serapicos

I stumbled across the Wonderbly site a couple of years ago and immediately ordered one for Oli for Christmas. The story is customised according to your child’s name, taking them on an adventure to reclaim their name back. I’ve read this to Oli countless times over the last two years but only this month did he actually grasp that this book was all about him and printed especially for him. With each turn of the page he squealed as he found another letter to spell out his name. Of course, Soph wants one like this now, too. It took five months to be delivered to the good old South African Post Office, so it might be wiser, and quicker, to have it delivered to any overseas family or friends that might be coming out. What a special gift to give! The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name is now next on our wishlist! Click here for more info on how to order and create your story: https://www.wonderbly.com/za/personalized-products/lost-my-name-book

The Singing Mermaid – Julia Donaldson

We literally can never have too much Julia Donaldson in our home! As previously mentioned, books with a lot of rhyming and repetition were suggested by Oli’s previous Speech Therapist, and both kids would finish off each sentence as they could anticipate what was next! Mermaid-obsessed, this has been Soph’s pick over and over. Find out what happens when, tempted by fame, a mermaid leaves her home to join the circus, and just how she finds her way home to Silversands.

How to Catch a Star – Oliver Jeffers

An old favourite – in fact, it’s so old I bought it when Oli was still in my tummy when the gorgeous illustrations and name of the author caught my eye! It also inspired Oli’s baby nursery which had a ceiling covered in stars – “Once there was a boy and the boy loved stars very much”. The most epic of picture books, find out how a sweet little boy loved stars so much he decided one day, to set about catching a star of his own.

Little Monkey – Marta Altés

Browsing for hours on end in bookstores, I spotted this little gem for the kids. I know they say never judge a book by its cover, but when you have such a beautifully illustrated cover jumping out at you, it’s hard not to pick it. The storyline was a beautifully empowering one to boot, so I was sold. Sometimes its hard being left out, we all know what that feels like in some shape or form, but one little monkey in a big jungle decides to stand out instead, by climbing to the top of the tallest tree. This book encourages bravery and showed my children that absolutely anything is possible – a trait I constantly try to instil in them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our picks for May – we love rediscovering old favourites and we’ve already picked a few out for June.

What have you been reading? We’re always browsing and looking out for new favourites to find!