The most epic press drop ever – meet the Transformer’s BOTBOTS!

Last week I came home to the most epic of press drops that had both my kids shrieking with excitement. Before I get into more on the actual product, I just have to give credit where credit is due. It was a simple drop, with two ‘Blind Bags’ from Series 1 and the most phenomenal personalised comic ever. I take my hat off to PR’s like those that run the Hasbro account, who are so incredibly creative and innovative with their drops – no matter how big or small and especially the energy they put into researching each of our children. Thank you, it’s no wonder you walked away with a box of awards from the PRISM’s.

Look at this characterised version of Oli and Sophie in their very own comic! Something the kids will treasure for years to come.

So, what are these BotBots we’re all taking about? According to Transformer’s legend – a glowing mist filled with Transformers energy called ENERGON covered a shopping mall late one night. Some of the objects inside came to life as little Transformers robots! These bots can hide in plain sight as everyday objects such as a pencil sharpener, plunger or cupcake, causing all sorts of mayhem in the mall. Because these bots convert from ordinary items into tiny Transformer robots no one knows what’s a bot and what’s not! Mischievous, funny, and super silly, these are… BOTBOTS!

These 2-in-1 Collectable BotBots characters are around 2-cm tall and have two fun modes converting from totally normal items you’d find in a shopping mall – like a backpack, football or a doughnut – to adventurous little robots, perfect for imaginative play. Each bot belongs to a themed team based on the type of store they belong in. Meet the Backpack Bunch, Sugar Shocks, Techie Team, Jock Squad, Greaser Gang, Shed Heads, Toilet Troop, and Lost Bots.


Oli and Soph got to enjoy an exciting unboxing surprise with the BotBots mystery blind bag – pop them out of their blister pack to see what’s inside.  BotBots are also available in a five-pack assortment.


Look for all the BotBots Series 1 assortments (each sold separately, subject to availability) and start building your BotBots collection!  There are over 190 BotBots to collect in 2019 – these sharable, swappable, tradable BotBots are great fun for everyone – my kids have me promising me we’ll go in search of more to add to their collection!

Who’s going to join the search and start a collection?

Find hidden BotBots at Checkers, Toy Adventures, Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, Toy Zone and

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