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My kids wake up super early every morning.  Breakfast for them during the week consists of a hot bowl of porridge at school, but on the weekend, it’s either eggs, crumpets/pancakes with fresh fruit, croissants, cereal or French toast.  Starting the day with a nourishing meal sets them up for a good day.  They need a meal that’s going to both satisfy and fill them up so they have enough energy to go about their day. Between swimming, Playball, ball skills, walks to the park and just being general busybodies, a good breakfast sets the tone for the day, and greatly determines their mood.

Gourmet Moods sent over three delicious granola variants to try – Classic, No Grain and No Sugar. Last Saturday morning, I put each of the gorgeous jars out on the table and let the kids choose their own – letting them pick their own and dish up for themselves proved a hit, and Oli even served me breakfast (I’m going to do this more often)!  Double Cream Unsweetened yogurt from Woolies, spoonfuls of freshly baked granola, fresh berries tumbled on top and finished off with a squeeze of honey – happy family! Seriously, the kids and I wolfed down a bowl each and then they still began snacking from the jars while I finished up my coffee.  You can literally taste the wholesomeness!

Three variants

Each batch of granola is made to order – the one reason Gourmet Moods owner and creator, Kim Napo, refuses to be stocked anywhere.  Kim prides herself on the quality of her ingredients – all locally sourced from small business owners,  so once an order comes in, she shops for it, then prepares and bakes it.  Her products are delivered to your door within 48 hours of the order being placed, how’s that for service?  Each jar is 410 grams and here’s what they are made up of:

Classic R140:  Rolled oats, Almonds, Pecan nuts, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Honey, Ground ginger & Honey.

Oli’s choice! I think he would have been happy with any of the three, but personally think he chose this one because of the red labelling (great job Kim, the attention to the branding is just beautiful)

No Sugar R155:  Rolled oats, Pecan nuts, Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Apple sauce, Ground ginger & Cinnamon.

Sophie’s choice!  Inspired by her mom who suffers from diabetes, Kim wanted to produce a delicious, sugar-free option without having to rely on Stevia or an artificial sweetener, so developed a perfectly balanced granola sweetened with homemade apple sauce.

No Grain R170:  Almonds, Pecan nuts, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Coconut flakes, Honey, Ground ginger & Cinnamon.

My choice! I started eating grain-free granola when I went through a Banting (LCHF) phase a few years ago, so this one automatically appealed to me.  Up until now I bought grain-free granola from various health stores and big retailers and nothing stands up to this.  If you are into grain-free, trust me, you need to try this!


One bowl of goodness was enough to fuel the kids and I for a busy day ahead.  A balanced breakfast, high in fibre and low in added sugar helps boost concentration and level blood sugar, equalling happy and content children! As a busy working mom, store-bought, sugar-laden cereal is one thing I can cross off my weekly grocery list, Gourmet Foods has me covered.  With Christmas coming up,  this is a perfect gift to include in a homemade hamper!


You can find these products, as well as three freshly toasted spices, for sale on Gourmet Moods, and follow Gourmet Moods on Facebook and Instagram.

Kim Napo
Gourmet Moods owner and creator, Kim Napo, decided in 2013 after 15 years in agency, corporate and government as a Communications Strategist, to pursue her love for cooking.  At the age of 41, she took out a personal loan and enrolled part-time at Capsicum Culinary Studio, from there, Gourmet Moods was born.  Offering private chef services, personal chef services, one-on-one cooking lessons, a range of chef jackets for women out soon, and with a food app launching early next year, Kim has her finger in every proverbial pie!





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