Paw Patrol class party

Since we had decided to have a small party at home this year where only Oli’s cousins and a few close friends were invited, I decided to do a class party with party packs for his class too – ambitious, I know.  Given the choice of a second theme to choose, Ols picked ‘Paw Patrol’ for the class party.

I downloaded some free Paw Patrol cupcake toppers to cut out and stick onto toothpicks to adorn the brightly coloured buttercream.  I needed to take 24 cupcakes and party packs to school and immediately started the baking after finishing work – rookie error – Soph was obviously intent on helping me in the kitchen and unbeknownst to me cranked the oven temperature up from 170 to 220 degrees! “SOPHIE BLAIR!”- whenever our children are naughty I instinctively call them by their first two names, no idea why but I think it means ‘Mommy means business’ to them!  Needless to say, the original batch of 24 cupcakes were slightly incinerated.

Round two of the bake was successful, after my assistant was safely tucked away in bed, and I mixed up 6 different coloured buttercreams to represent 6 of the characters.  One thing I’ve learnt, is if you go to all the trouble of making and icing your own cupcakes, is to store and pack them in a proper cake box or by the time you end up at your destination the cakes are all smooshed together and all the effort was for nothing.  I bought a sturdy-bottomed disposable cupcake box from my trusty baking shop – Jodees.




For the party packs, I decided to design a simple fold over label to attach to a ziplock bag – cheap and effective! I filled the bags with an Oros juice bottle (complete with a customised Paw Patrol wrapper), sweeties, a packet of NikNaks, a Paw Patrol toy and a sugar cookie I baked in the shape of a bone.  I found the different packs of Paw Patrol toys on and just split them up amongst the bags.





Oli had the sweetest class party – all his friends drew him a special picture and his teacher made them into a book for him along with a special birthday crown.  The birthday boy got to select a few friends to sit at his table and for every friend he chose, he got to pick a song for everyone to sing. Completely hyped for this occasion, Oli danced around the class and his friends as they all sang, treating us to some spectacular dance moves!  Such a proud Mommy and Daddy of a FIVE year old!