Meet: Jessica Roberts

This next Mommalikeyou feature I introduce the gorgeous Jessica Roberts, who blogs over at ‘Learning from Luke’ . This special momma, who I’ve known since we were in Grade 8 together, shares a very real journey of motherhood on her popular blog, about their ‘new normal’ with their toddler Luke, who was born with Down Syndrome.  Meet Jessica!

Name: Jessica Roberts 

Where do you live: We live in Salt Rock, KZN

Age: 32

Kids? Luke – 20 months & Baby Bean – due in a week

Where to find you on social media:

Instagram – @learningfromluke

Blog –

Tell us a bit about what it was like to become a mom for you?

Becoming a mom has changed my life in a million more ways than I could imagine. I like to think that it has made me a more selfless, more tolerant and more enlightened person but in reality it has been all of the above and so much more. Becoming a mom of a child born with Down Syndrome has humbled me, has brought me unfounded joy and has scared the living daylights out of me.

Pregnant with Luke

What were your pregnancies like?

We were incredibly lucky in that we fell pregnant very easily with both Luke and Bean. Apart from the initial bout of morning sickness in the first trimester with both, I felt strong and healthy. I have been lucky, that as a result, I was able to continue to exercise throughout.

Luke’s pregnancy was an incredibly emotionally charged pregnancy as we found out his diagnosis prior to him entering this world, but it taught us how strong my husband and I were as individuals and how strong we were as a couple.

Roberts family 2

When you’re not being a momma, what do you do?

I work fulltime as a planner for the Mr Price Group. I love the fast paced, ever-changing and people orientated environment in which I work and although my priorities have somewhat changed, work is a part of my life which I would find very difficult to give up completely. In my spare time (which is few and far between) I write about our experiences with Luke on my blog Learning from Luke and play part-time photographer on Instagram.

What is Learning from Luke about and why did you originally start blogging?

Learning from Luke is a glimpse into our new normal. What initially started out as a way of dealing with a myriad of my own emotions both good and bad has grown into a platform of education, of enlightenment and of showing the world the joy that our little boy brings into our lives. It is through this education that we hope to debunk myths, to promote equality and to ultimately give our son the best platform with which to achieve  whatever his heart desires.

Any milestones for Learning from Luke?

The positive feedback from both our Instagram account and blog have been massive milestones. Luke currently has over 4000 people following his journey and the blog has had over 50 000 reads. We have been blown away by the support, encouragement and interest in our journey.

What advice would you share with anyone wanting to start a blog?

I will never forget hitting publish on my first ever blog post – it was terrifying! But my advice is to put those fears aside and go for it – you never will know how many people you may impact by taking that leap of faith about something that you feel passionate about.

What’s in store for Learning from Luke?

With the imminent birth of Luke’s sibling on the horizon the blog has taken somewhat of a back seat. 2018 however will hopefully mean a new angle of a sibling in the mix, new adventures and a whole lot more lessons!

Luke and Jess with 'Bean'

What do you do to take time for yourself, away from your husband, Luke, your job and the blog?

Exercise – it’s my way of relaxing, unwinding and clearing my mind. Oh and a monthly facial 🙂

As a mom of a little boy, what’s in your handbag?

I no longer use a handbag – Luke’s nappy bag now includes my wallet, phone and some lip ice – the bare necessities.

Reading to Luke

Best thing about mommahood?

The way that my relationship with my husband has been strengthened. The way that the sheer amount of love, frustration and exhaustion that you experience changes you forever. And the way that you would not change it for anything.

What is Luke into playing with right now?

Books – he can sit and page through his books for hours, he certainly takes after his momma in this regard. TV remotes, cell phones, tupperwares and Derek the cat’s water bowl – basically anything that he shouldn’t be playing with and aren’t his own, carefully curated toys!

Jess Bean Baby Shower

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